Pokemon Go Gen 4 Regionals: How to catch NEW Sinnoh Region Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine

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    Pokemon Go Gen 4 was teased by Niantic earlier in the month, and since then fans have been desperate to get their hands on the new additions.

    Niantic has started to drop Pokemon, of which there will be 107 of, in "waves".

    However, some of them are harder to catch than others.

    For example, the new Gen 4 Pokemon Chatot, Carnivine and Pachirisu are exclusive to specific regions around the world locations.

    These are the most recent set of additions to the Pokemon Go universe, but there is now a long list of regional exclusives.

    These creatures are divided up along geographical berries, such as hempisheres, continents or different countries.

    This is bad news for those who don’t travel a lot, or those who don’t have generous friends who are willing to trade.

    However, these regional specific creatures spawn relatively quickly, so if you are visiting it won’t take long to find one.

    Also, when you visit the location you simply have to catch them in the wild to add them to your Pokedex.

    Regional exclusives are not new, each generation of Pokemon has had these.

    New for Gen 4 is Pachirisu, which can be caught in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alaska, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greenland, according to a Reddit post.

    Chatot can be found in the Southern Hemisphere, so it will be relatively easy to catch.

    Carnivine can be found in the southeast of the US and northern Bahamas.

    Below we reveal where you can find regional exclusive Pokemon:

    • Farfetch'd – Japan and South Korea

    • Kangaskhan – Australasia

    • Mr Mime – Europe

    • Tauros – US

    • Heracross – South America, Southern Floria and Texas

    • Corsola – Tropical areas near the coast

    • Volbeat – Europe, Asia, Australasia

    • Illumise – North America, South America, Africa

    • Torkoal – South Asia

    • Zangoose – Europe, Asia, Australasia

    • Seviper – North America, South America, Africa

    • Lunation – North America, South America, Africa

    • Solrock – Europe, Asia, Australasia

    • Tropius – Africa, Mediterranean

    • Relicanth – New Zealand and surrounding islands (Fiji, Samoa, etc)

    • Pachirisu – Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Colombia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alaska, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greenland

    • Chatot – Southern Hemisphere (Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Zambia, Paraguay, New Zealand, Indonesia)

    • Carnivine – US (So far Alabama, North/South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Bahamas)

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