OrbusVR: Reborn Expansion has a Launch Date, Oculus Quest Support Confirmed

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) MMORPG’s, Ad Alternum’s OrbusVR has managed to fill that gaming hole since 2017. Then last year the studio announced plans for what it called its first expansion, OrbusVR: Reborn. As it turns out OrbusVR: Reborn isn’t just an expansion but a complete overhaul of the original title, which in turn will see the videogame leave Early Access.

In a press statement, Ad Alternum has said that: “OrbusVR: Reborn is a ground-up reimagining of the original game, featuring new enemies, new dungeons and raids, new classes, and much more.” Four new playable classes: Shaman, Paladin, Scoundrel and Bard will become available to players, bringing the total to eight, the artwork has been redone with all new assets and players will be glad to hear that there will be 100+ hours of content at launch.

OrbusVR utilizes a “buy once, play forever” model, so once you’ve bought the videogame there are no further fees to pay like many traditional MMOs. Which means the release of OrbusVR: Reborn will be completely free if you already own the title. Currently, the OrbusVR servers are offline (as of 1st April) as the studio fine-tunes the last few details prior to launch.

These include adding support for standalone headset Oculus Quest, which the studio confirms will be available for the device launch this Spring. “We’re very excited to be coming to the Oculus Quest. The Quest represents a huge leap forward for accessibility of VR. Our goal in 2019 is to get OrbusVR into the hands of as many new gamers as possible, and Quest will be a big part of making that a reality,” said Riley Dutton, Director in a statement.

OrbusVR: Reborn will include cross-buy support on the Oculus Store, so if you’ve purchased the title for Oculus Rift you’ll own it on Oculus Quest. The title will also feature seamless cross-platform play between Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and other OpenVR headsets to populate the world as much as possible.

OrbusVR: Reborn will officially launch on 23rd April 2019. Should any further details arise, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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