Miles Morales’s Phone Battery Depletes As You Progress Through The Game

As you make your way through Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the web-slinger’s phone battery creeps ever closer to 0%.

Some games don’t let you know how far you have progressed through its story until you reach its end. Others will let you know via a percentage or by divulging how many worlds or levels there are to conquer. Of course, if you are desperate enough and the game isn’t brand new, you can always check online to figure out how much is left to accomplish before you reach completion.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man and follow-up game Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it’s fairly simple to see where you’re at in the game at a glance. There’s a meter in the bottom lefthand corner of the map revealing how far through the game you have progressed. However, that includes everything the map has to offer, including crimes and activities left behind after the main story is over.

There is a way you can check how close you are to finishing the main thread and hitting those credits, but it’s very subtle. An addition to this second game in the franchise is the ability to use Morales’s phone. The hero uses it to keep up to date on crimes and so that he can check who is requesting his help via the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app.

Like most phones, how much power the device has left can be seen in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The power on Morales’s phone doesn’t deplete as he uses it though, it drops as you progress through the story. Since the phone is at 100% at the start of the game, it allows you to see roughly how much of the main thread is left at a glance as the phone can be accessed at any time.

Once you have completed the game, seen the credits, and return to NYC to complete some new side missions and finish off anything else the map has to offer, the phone will be at 1%. We’re assuming it never hits zero as that would leave Morales in a spot of bother. Nevertheless, now that we are busy finishing off the post-game content, constantly seeing a phone with 1% battery and no charger in sight makes us incredibly uncomfortable.

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