Idyllic Gardening Game Fujii Coming to PlayStation VR

Funktronic Labs, the indie virtual reality (VR) developer behind quirky titles like Starbear Taxi and Cosmic Trip released its latest title Fujii during the summer for a range of platforms but with a strong emphasis on Oculus Quest. Today, the studio has announced the musical gardening experience will soon be coming to PlayStation VR.

Very much a meditative, relaxing gameplay experience, Fujii is filled with biomes that need to be brought back to life. And it’s only through your gentle hands that the various flora, fauna and wildlife can regain their colourful beauty. And there’s plenty of colour going on in Fujii. A style Funktronic Labs keeps throughout its videogames, the various biomes are bold and vibrant, teeming with life and visual impact.

Centred around a mystical tree which acts as your hub, you need to explore three biomes. Whilst doing so watering, touching, and musically interacting with plants and creatures restore the biomes life-force, and expands the energetic rings of light that hover above, revealing more of the area.

There are light puzzles to deal with, revolving around music and touch. Plus you can also get creative by gathering a host of exotic seeds from the varied biomes and growing your own garden in the hub. There are even several rare, musically-interactive plants to find. And once the storyline is over you can continue to grow and nurture this garden when you need to relax and chill out. You won’t be alone either, you’ll have a friendly companion gnome who will play songs as you tend to your garden. 

Recently, Fujii secured the Best Game award during China’s 2019 VRCORE Awards. Funktronic Labs will be launching  Fujii for PlayStation VR on 10th December, initially available for the US and European markets, with Japan and Asia territories soon to follow. 

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Funktronic Labs and Fujii, reporting back with any further updates.


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