Here’s Why You Probably Shouldn’t Regift Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It turns out you get a little slap on the wrist if you try regift items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Well, perhaps that’s still a bit of an exaggeration – at the very least, you get called out for your attempt at sneakiness. As you should be, you scallywag.

In the kind of style you’d expect from our beloved Animal Crossing, you receive a nice little passive aggressive message when you attempt to gift a thing back to the villager who gifted it to you in the first place. This amusing detail was highlighted by Twitter user @Sinful_Shadow:

It seems the game’s villagers are a sharp bunch indeed, as they do actually remember which items they send you (and the items you send them, too). There’ll be no pulling the wool over their eyes when it comes to this, apparently.

So while the game doesn’t exactly punish you explicitly for pulling this kind of stunt – say, by dwindling your friendship points with the villager in question – it sure does make you feel bad. Especially when they continue to be nice to you afterwards (or perhaps they’re just pretending to be).

Some of the other particularly amusing retorts you can receive upon regifting items to villagers are: “I think I’ve seen this before…But I think a lot of things”,”Have I seen this before, or was it just in an ultra-realistic dream?”,”This looks totes familiar. Maybe. I think…” and “Good, I was kinda regretting giving this away.” Hearing any of these coming from an adorable, pure-intentioned little creature who just wanted to show their appreciation by giving you a gift? If that doesn’t leave you reeling a little, I don’t know what will.

When done right, however, gifting is a really useful feature in the game if you’re interested in building strong friendships with your fellow villagers. These charming relationships are a big reason why so many people love playing New Horizons in the first place, so finding ways to nurture those relationships is certainly in your best interest.

Check out our updated guide for gifting or some of our top tips for gifting so you can avoid this kind of guilt-inducing faux pas and become the best gift-giver you can be!

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