Gaming Detail: You Can Fly Over A Virtual Walt Disney World in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator, also known as Microsoft Google Maps Simulator, is a great way to get your tourism in virtually while the world is under lockdown. The game has digitized the world’s most recognizable landmarks with help from satellite imagery and fly-by image scans, including the happiest place on Earth.

Redditor Bnome91 flew over Florida in Flight Simulator and, after catching a glimpse of Disney World, took to Reddit to share the discovery. While Reddit’s response was somewhere along the lines of “Well, duh” — it’s still a cool discovery. The game’s graphics are gorgeous and incredibly detailed. There’s little stopping you from swooping down to heights that’d probably get a licensed pilot sued in order to get a better look at the world’s most famous landmarks.

While dipping down as low as Bnome91 did in the video would get your license revoked at the very least, Flight Simulator recreated Disney World with quite a bit of fidelity, if not the magic. From above, Flight Simulator’s Disney World looks less like the happiest place on Earth and more like a wretched corporate compound with distinct Floridan flair. Which is kind of what Disney World is, come to think of it.

Nonetheless, Flight Simulator nabbed all the important bits of Magic Kingdom Park. While it’s not the same as strolling through the theme park itself or queueing up for a couple of hours to snag a seat on Small World, most of the park’s notable major landmarks and rides are recognizable even from a bird’s eye view.

Although Bnome91’s flyby is a bit too fast to catch every little detail, Flight Simulator’s rendition of Magic Kingdom Park is realistic enough to entertain eagle-eyed players. Those familiar with Disney World can easily make out each distinct section of the park, with Tomorrowland and Fantasyland being the easiest to find.

Of course, considering that Flight Simulator‘s maps were generated with satellite assistance, it’d be a lot stranger if Disney World and other famous locations’ in-game representations weren’t accurate to life. It may not be the same as the real thing, but it’s still pretty good!

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