Fitness App Viro Move Resurfaces in October, Oculus Quest Edition to Come

A couple of years ago when energetic, fitness-oriented rhythm action videogames were starting to make their mark in virtual reality (VR) developer Fit Reality showcased Viro Move, an encouraging title mixing several gameplay elements. The demo is still live on Steam but the videogame just seemed to vanish. Until today that is, with the studio confirming a PC VR launch for October with an Oculus Quest version also in the works.

Designed as a fitness tool to help improve stamina, agility, and cardiovascular fitness, Viro Move allows you to mix up the gameplay style by choosing between several mechanics including swords, fists and guns. So that means slicing up orbs, punching objects and shooting targets all in time to the music, as well as dodging out the way of incoming obstacles.

All of these styles can be played individually, essentially giving you three games in one. Or there’s the Weapons Master mode which combines all of these into one session. So every few minutes it’ll switch up, keeping you on your toes rather than falling into a particular gameplay rhythm. With so many rhythm action titles on the market, this feature could very well make Viro Move stand out.

As Viro Move wants to help you get/stay fit it’ll also calculate metrics including calories spent to help you keep an eye on your progress alongside historical data to manage those fitness goals. Fit Reality says that Viro Move has been approved: “by more than 1000 FIBO and IHRSA sports professionals.”

To keep you motivated you’ll be able to earn and unlock skins as you progress. Regular challenges and tournaments will also take place, enabling that competitive element with global leaderboards to climb.

Viro Move is scheduled to launch for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets on 20th October 2021. The Oculus Quest edition is slated to arrive before year-end. For further updates on the fitness title, keep reading VRFocus.

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