First Footage Released of Pistol Whip’s New Style System

Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip became an instant hit when it first arrived back in 2019, providing visceral rhythm action gameplay found nowhere else. Content has been regularly added including a five-stage campaign but this summer the videogame is going to get a whole new lease of life. Previously teased as “The Concierge” update, that name has now been dropped as Cloudhead Games reveals the new Pistol Whip Style System.

If you’re well-acquainted with Pistol Whip then you’ll know it has a unique visual and gameplay, shooting enemies to some thumping tunes. If you wanted to mix things up there were the modifiers activating dual wielding guns, the removal of aim assist and much more. The new Pistol Whip Style System will allow you to remix scenes in a multitude of ways.

Essentially, a “Style” is a preset which contains three variables, Weapon Type (determines weapon behaviour), 5 x Modifiers (alter gameplay mechanics) and then the Intensity rating. After selecting a scene you’ll see the Style menu to the left where you browse various styles across four categories Basics, Featured, Trending and Favourites. These styles have been curated by the developers as well as the community. The Featured section for example will recommend two new styles every week if you just want to start playing right away.

Or for those that want to create their own you have the customise mode. Here you can modify a preexisting style or build a brand new one. Cloudhead Games will also introduce a new mod called Bullet Hell where enemies unleash massive volleys of projectiles to really keep you ducking for cover. Additionally, all the campaign scenes can be played with any style.

So when does the new Style System arrive? As Cloudhead Games revealed back in April as part of its Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder announcement, both the new campaign and feature set land together this summer. So not only do you get new ways to experience Pistol Whip but there will be a whole new Wild West campaign to enjoy.

Take a look at the announcement video below to see the Pistol Whip Style System in action. As further updates are revealed, VRFocus will let you know.
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