Dreams Review: A Dream Is A Wish Your (Gaming) Heart Makes

Video games are an inspiring form of entertainment. Many individuals play a game that resonates with them enough to make their own to share with the world. This is where Dreams comes in. Developed by Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet), Dreams is one unique video game. It grants players the tools to make their own levels, and even whole gameplay experiences. Not only that, but players can create artwork, music, and even films. For those willing to dig in, Dreams has it all. Dreams doesn’t necessarily make game creation “easy,” but it’s a wonderful software allowing players to create and play many passion projects.

To create, players utilize a little creature called an imp. The imp is controlled with the PlayStation 4 controller’s motion sensor (this can be changed in preferences). Movement is responsive. The imp can be handily re-centered by holding the options button when necessary. It’s been said by others the PlayStation Move controller works best for sculpting, so it might be worth picking one up for this.

Before jumping into creation, it is heavily advised to watch the tutorials. They are easy to understand and can be rewound when necessary. The beginner tutorials teach how to grab objects, resize them, and other aspects. Then there are the more advanced tutorials such as sculpting and character art. Dreams is an extremely in-depth tool. Everything one needs to create a game is here. There are not only checkpoints, but also checkpoint radius; players can decide specifically how large a checkpoint area should be. One is not going to be able to learn everything in a single day, or probably even a week.

It should be said that dream creating is not like making a level in Super Mario Maker 2; those who want to make something good must be prepared to invest time, energy, and patience for however long a project requires. It is daunting, but if it didn’t require deep learning, then anyone could make a masterpiece right away. There are plenty of pre-made, unlockable assets thanks to Media Molecule, as well as sound effects and background music. Players can experiment with these, and remix other dreams to get a good feel of the creating process. It might take a bit, but Dreams rewards those willing to put in the time.

Many Unique Creations To Play

If one is not into creating, Dreams is still worth picking up for the games people are making. A player could be playing an arcade-like shooter, and then jump into an RPG complete with XP earning. One can spend a lot of time browsing and playing the games that have been uploaded to Dreams’ server. Thankfully, players do not need a PS Plus subscription to play online.

Media Molecule has a number of dreams uploaded, the primary one being a story mode titled, “Art’s Dream.” It is an effective game showing what Dreams is capable of: unique visuals, a resonating script, quality voice acting, and different gameplay genres utilized to perfection.

What people are creating is amazing to see. There are numerous games with familiar characters, like Mario and Crash Bandicoot. Another cool dream idea is creating a canceled title. Everyone has probably seen the remake of P.T., but someone has gone ahead and uploaded a full Silent Hills game, complete with voice acting.

While playing remakes and games with iconic characters are a blast, the real treat comes from seeing the original creations people are coming up with. This is where Dreams shines, giving players a chance to showcase their talent and imagination. One dream, titled S.L.A.Y., perfectly homages pre-95 shooters like DOOM in an intense, fun experience. The Pilgrim is a complete game, focusing as a 3D platformer, sidescroller, and even shooter. There’s also the popular Pip Gemwalker, a simple, but effective puzzle platformer that looks like a Nintendo Switch title.

Players can express themselves in Dreams, delivering unique experiences. One effective horror dream is Our Perfect Valentine. First-person horror seems to be popular right now in Dreams, and for good reason; players are able to generate subtle scares with careful lighting, music, and other spooky aspects.

Unsurprisingly, many games in Dreams are uploaded as demos. This is a great way to build a fanbase as work on the game continues. The Encounter is one sci-fi dream that perfectly sets itself up in the demo. Project Ikelos demonstrates the combat capabilities of Dreams. The character can attack with different moves, lock on, and dodge. Players want to see more after the demo.

Dreams Are Becoming Reality

Dreams is a wonderful game. It encourages deep learning and imagination for those who truly want to create. It also encourages collaboration. Many Dreams are made with the help of others. No matter what, creating in Dreams is going to be daunting. Thankfully, the tutorials are here to assist. The game is also worth playing simply to see what people are creating. From platformers, arcade remakes, to films (the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope has been remade), there is plenty of content to try out. Obviously, quality will vary; many dreams are not going to be on the same level as others. Still, every dream is made by someone with an idea. Hopefully, creators will be making dreams for years to come.

A PlayStation 4 copy of Dreams was purchased by TheGamer for this review. Dreams is now available on PlayStation 4.

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