DOOM Eternal Has A Hilarious Post-Credits Scene

DOOM Eternal’s post-credits scene is great and totally justifies finding all those toys.

Last Friday, DOOM Eternal arrived with as big a splash as can be expected when we’re all being told to stay indoors and avoid all human contact. Which is fine with most of us, since we’ve got some demons to slay.

While the wanton murder of demons and those possessed by demons is the main purpose of DOOM Eternal, like the 2016 reboot, Eternal also has the Doom Slayer finding collectibles by searching out hidden secret areas. This time, those areas are denoted by floating yellow question marks that once you walk through explode into colorful confetti, revealing the hidden toy.

There are a bunch of toys to collect and display on the Fortress of Doom, the Doom Slayer’s floating base of operations. But it looks like you’re not the only one who enjoys playing with toys.

After beating the game and sitting through the full credits, patient players are treated to a post-credits scene that was well worth the wait. Somehow, a possessed human manages to board the Fortress of Doom and gets into the Doom Slayer’s toy stash. Selecting the Cyber Demon and Slayer toys, he then bashes them together in a bizarre pantomime of childlike play.

When the Slayer discovers that his precious toys have been violated by the forces of Hell, he cocks his shotgun in preparation for imminent and brutal cleansing.

There are a few things worth pointing out in this scene. In the foreground, you can see a turntable and the cover for the original DOOM soundtrack, while in the upper left corner you can spot some comic books. Apparently, Doomguy is also a big nerd. Who knew?

Some other tidbits that you might have missed on the Fortress of Doom include a picture of the Doom Slayer holding a bunny. If you were wondering about that, it’s apparently a reference to the original DOOM games that explain the Slayer’s hatred of demons; they killed his pet rabbit, Daisy. All of this is less about saving Earth and more about exacting revenge for the death of his beloved pet.

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