Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Adds new Time Lord Victorious Content

British developer Maze Theory released Doctor Who: The Edge of Time a year ago, allowing all you Whovian’s to step into the TARDIS and adventure across the universe. Today, the studio has announced an update to tie the videogame in with this year’s Whoverse “Time Lord Victorious” content.

The free update allows players to experience the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS as well as testing them with a new challenge. Fans of The Doctor are encouraged to play through Doctor Who: The Edge of Time again, this time keeping an eye out for Time Lord Victorious artefacts such as the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and the Judgement Stone of the Kotturuh.

So that should keep Doctor Who fans busy in between all the new novels, comics, audiobooks, vinyl, immersive theatre and escape rooms the BBC has in store for Time Lord Victorious which began back in September and continues through to next year.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time was developed by Maze Theory in collaboration with BBC Studios, providing fans with the franchise’s most immersive experience yet. With Jodie Whittaker voicing the Doctor player have to journey across space and time to save reality, encountering classic enemies like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels.

VRFocus reviewed Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, last year giving it three stars: “Parts of the experience are great and showcase high production values – the storyline, locations and acting for instance. Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is one for the hardcore fans out there.”

Time Lord Victorious update is freely available now for PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest owners of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time. Currently, there’s no confirmation for the PC VR version. As Maze Theory releases further updates, VRFocus will let you know.
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