Destiny 2 Guide: How To Get A Free New Exotic Item

Would you like a brand new Exotic in Destiny 2? Read on to claim yours.

Season of the Undying has now been replaced by Season of the Dawn. With it comes a pinnacle power bump, a brand new seasonal activity on Mercury, and a quest to go save the greatest Titan to ever live. But before the Undying Mind breathes its last, it’ll have one more present before it goes.

We’re pretty sure this is a bug, but bug or no, this process will net you a free Exotic Item from the previous Season Pass.

First, you’ll need to log into the Bungie website. This might work on the app too, but the website is the way we did it, so we’re sticking with it. Next, go to the Seasons tab and select Season of the Undying, then go to View Seasons Progress. This will bring you to the previous Season Pass and allow you to collect any rewards you forgot to claim in-game before the season ended.

Now, go to the Rank 98 portion of the season pass and select the Rank 98 Fated Engram. This will only work if you actually ranked up to rank 98 during the Season of the Undying. If you didn’t, then sorry–you’ll have to grind a little harder next time.

Select which character you want that Rank 98 reward to go to and then select the Fated Engram. Your new exotic will be in your inventory the next time you log in, or it will be with the Postmaster. Be sure to check with Kadi 55-30 the next time you’re in The Tower if you don’t see your new Exotic piece.

As we said before, this is likely a bug that was introduced when Bungie allowed you to claim previous seasonal rewards. I definitely remember getting this reward the first time it came around, and getting it again is a sneaky bonus. Expect Bungie to patch this method out soon, so get your Exotic while you can!

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