Destiny 2 at capacity: What does Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity mean?

Destiny 2 servers have been struggling this evening and for the last few hours Destiny 2 has been down , along with Destiny 1.

These problems started at around 4pm GMT earlier today something which Bungie Help has said to be investigating ever since the problems first began.

It now looks like these issues could be alleviated soon, with Bungie telling fans:

"Issues impacting Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 services are still under investigation. Players logging in may encounter a variety of error codes, most prominently WEASEL."

Bungie suggests that if you see a Weasel error that you "power cycle your console" which can be done by holding the "Power" button for 5 to 10 seconds, until the console resets.

Despite this, there's a high percentage of players currently seeing another error, namely, 'Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity'.

However, what does this error mean? How can you fix it? Here's what you should know when attempting to log back in.

What does Destiny 2 is temporarily at capacity mean?

The error message relates to the fact that Bungie servers are unable to cope with the number of players attempting to log in.

These Guardians will be added to a queue, which at the earliest possible opportunity, will place players into a game when the servers have enough room.

Unfortunately, this also means that there's no quick fix. You just have to wait for your chance to log in when more space on the Bungie servers become available.

These problems could also be down to Bungie not having enough servers live, which could be a result of Bungie taking servers offline during the issues the developer has been experiencing these past few hours.

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