Days Gone All Historical Marker Map Locations – How to earn The Broken Roadshow PS4 Trophy

Days Gone Historical Markers in Cascade Wilderness region

1 – Peter Skene Ogden

Outside of Pioneer Cemetery stands a statue of an armed soldier standing on a rocky outcrop. The statue is the location of an important set-piece during the Chasing Leon mission so, when you return to this area hunting for Historical Markers, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the statue. Pioneer Cemetery itself is directly west of the old pioneer cemetery NERO checkpoint, so fast travel to this location and then take the tarmac road until you spot the giant statue. The metal sign at the statue’s feet is the historical marker, read it to learn about Peter Skene Odgen’s life and tick the marker off your list.

2 – Grotto Caves “The Buried Caves”

You might find this Marker during one of the I Remember missions in which you track down a NERO helicopter. Searching during this mission is tricky however as you’ll have to come out of stealth mode, but it can be done. If you do miss it, the best way to find the Grotto Caves is by finding the road by the Caldera Reservoir and following it to almost the top of the map. As you approach the gates of the graveyard, turn northwest and walk in a straight line until you come across a fold in the landscape. The Historical Marker is in a nearby cave, next to a stairway.

3 – Caldera Reservoir “Bombs in the River”

Caldera Reservoir is a sizable landmark in the Cascade Wilderness region, and you’ll be able to spot it by opening your map and finding the largest body of water in the northern region of the map. To be more precise, the reservoir is just north of the High Desert Logging Co. Infestation Zone. The marker is on the west side of the reservoir on the closest shore to a large building.

4 – Rainbow Falls “The Path of the Spirits”

This Marker is hidden in the northeast corner of the world map. The key landmark to keep an eye out for here is the Caldera Hydro Dam which is on the largest body of water in the Cascade Wilderness, the Caldera Reservoir. Follow the track around the reservoir until you reach the northmost point. Follow the stream that feeds the reservoir and you should find yourself at the foot of an impressive waterfall. These are the Rainbow Falls and, by the plunge pool at the base, you can find the Historical Marker you’ll need to interact with.

5 – Peaceful Lake “Battle on the Misty Lake”

It’s best to begin your search for this Historical Marker at Copeland’s Camp which is situated on the lake itself.  Leave the camp from the south exit and begin to make your way around the curvature of the lake, keeping close to the shoreline. If you come to a wooden pier then you’ve gone too far and it’s best to turn around and continue to scout the shore. The Marker is on a rocky outcrop looking over the lake.

6 – Teller Cabin “The Horror House”

Teller Cabin is an isolated wooden structure standing in the woods down a path from the NERO Mobile Medical Unit to the west of the Cascade Wilderness region. Go to the NERO Medical Unit (it’s the same one that you visit during the ‘Bugged The Hell Out’ storyline) and head through the broken mesh fence to the south. Follow the curved path and turn to the right at the bottom of the hill. Teller Cabin is hidden in the trees there. Inspect the nearby stone-face to tick off this Marker.

36 – Margaret Alice Miller “The Guardian Angel”

Old Pioneer Cemetery is the home of not one but two Historical Markers; number 1 and number 36. Old Pioneer Cemetery itself is right at the top of the Cascade Wilderness region. To find this second cemetery Marker simply walk to the large angel statue at the back of the closed-off graveyard, then read about Margaret’s life.

Days Gone Historical Markers in Belknap region

7 – Belknap Crater “Belknap’s Volcano”

As its name suggests, Belknap Crater is a large mar that can bee seen on the map as a dip in the landscape. The Marker is on the rim of the crater overlooking the valley below. The Belknap Crater itself is just north from the Belknap Caves ambush camp. The Historical Marker is situated by some benches and trees on a high point of the cliff.

8 – Salome Hot Springs “The Salt Springs”

Marker number 8 is relatively easy to locate. Exit the Hot Springs camp and head into the small cluster of houses by the entrance. The Historical Marker is outside the large house with the swimming pool. Inspect the sign to gain the collectible.

9 – Belknap Caves “The Lava River Caves”

The Belknap Caves Marker is hidden within a maze of stony walls so it can be tricky to find. Head to the Belknap Caves ambush camp and travel northwest until you come across a small alcove. You’ll know if you’re in the right place if you see the tell-tale signs of a horde living here. Walk past the staircase descending into the depths and inspect the marble sign under the tree to tick this Marker off your list.

10 – Mackenzie Pass “Robber’s Pass”

Marker #10 can be found by heading directly west from the Little Bear Lake Nero checkpoint. As you pass by the nearest fuel station, you’ll come across a four-way crossroad. Take the sand road and head south until you come across a bench and the stone-head Marker. Be careful however, the Marker is nicknamed “Robber’s Pass” as Rippers or marauders often wait down this path. Dispose of them before you begin to read the Marker. 

11 – Indigenous Petroglyphs “Stories in Stone”

At the northeast point of the Belknap map you’ll spot a large lake close to the northmost fuel station and the Marion Forks Tunnel Nero Checkpoint. Drive around the lake until you come across rock paintings near a cave entrance and the Marker. At night this area is a Freaker hotspot so it’s best to travel here during the day.

12 – Memorial of an Unknown Mailman “Pioneer Mailman”

From the Black Crater ambush camp head to the north following the path through the picnic area until you come across a giant tree. At its base, you’ll spot the Historical Marker and learn the story of the Unknown Mailman.

13 – Three-fingered Jack “Old Hot Fingers”

Historical Marker #13 is situated at the summit of Three Fingered Jack mountain. If you’re heading here from the Bear Creek Hot Springs ambush camp you can travel directly south up the winding road to reach the summit of the volcano and discover the Historical Marker placed there.

14 – The Lava Arch “Lava River Cave”

Right in the middle of the Belknap region is a mountainous outcrop with a tunnel running through its centre. Drive through the tunnel so you’re facing the Cascade Wilderness region to the east and immediately turn right once outside to follow the sandy track down the hill. You should be able to see an arched stone structure. Drive through here and inspect the Marker on the other side.

24 – Outlaw Memorial “The Oregon Legend”

Head to Marion Forks not far from the Marion Forks Tunnel Nero Checkpoint (you’ll probably encounter it whilst exploring Belknap during the early game). Before long, you’ll notice the Old Wagon Hotel, a wooden saloon bar a bit like you might see in an old western film. Explore the grounds of the hotel to find the Marker and tick it off your list.

25 – Captain Jack “The Modoc Warrior”

Inside the Belknap crater you’ll be able to find the Modoc Warrior Marker. The easiest way to find this collectible is by firstly finding collectible #14 (The Lava Arch). Upon exiting the arch, take a sharp left and then a right as you drive from sandy track to tarmac road. You’ll come to a crossroads where, if you look to your right, you’ll spot a watchtower in the distance and, right beside you, the Historical Marker.

Days Gone Historical Markers in Lost Lake Valley

15 – Berley Lake “The Moon Country”

The best way to find this Historical Marker is by clearing the Berley Lake infestation zone. Once you’ve done that, head west until you reach a small picnic area with a gazebo and benches. The Marker is on a stone-head facing the large centerpiece gazebo.

16 – Moon Trees “Grown from Outer Space”

This one is pretty easy to locate; all you need to do is head to Iron Mike’s camp in the Lost Lake Region and walk towards the main building there. Nearby, you’ll see a large tree with a small sign on the wall hailing the growth of the moon tree. Head over and interact with the Marker.

17 – Metolius Lava Cave “Distillery Cave”

From Iron Mike’s camp head to the northmost point of the Lost Lake map almost directly opposite the safe zone. You’ll begin to ascend a hill and, upon reaching the summit, you’ll see the sign for the ‘Metolius Lava Cave National Caves Monument’. Head towards the mouth of the cave and look at the stone-head to check off another Marker.

18 – Architectural Memorial “The Community Builder”

To find this Historical Marker you first need to clear the Sherman’s Camp infestation zone. There are plenty of nests here so come prepared with Molotov cocktails and lots of ammunition. Once the area is clear, head towards the broken bridge on the west side of the town and stop as you come across the town hall. The building is pretty big, and the Historical Marker is on a small metal sign on the side of the building.

20 – Camp Pioneer “The Grand Campsite”

This Marker can be found in Camp Pioneer by the admin building. Look for the white block letters on the building and the marker is on a boulder nearby. If you have trouble finding Camp Pioneer itself, it’s north of the rouge camp infestation zone in Lost Lake.

26 – The 45th Parallel “The Halfway Point”

This Historical Marker is sitting on a hill overlooking the petrol station nearest Iron Mike’s camp. Head towards Ripplebrook until you see the icon for fuel appear on your minimap, inferring the location of the petrol station. If you head there via Sherman’s camp the marker is directly to the west of Historical Marker number 18.

42 – Lucky Lad Mines “The Gold Rush Mines”

The Lucky Lad Mines can be found by venturing beyond the Deerborn Ambush Camp. Head north from the camp, down the hill until you come across a large house. Go through the mesh fence and you’ll soon come across the mines. The Marker is on a metal plaque at their entrance.

Days Gone Historical Markers in Crater Lake region

19 – Booker-Hicks Logging Camp “The Wandering Timber Town”

Once you’re free to explore the Crater Lake region head back to the Logging Camp you visited on one of your introductory missions to the area. Outside the camp’s front archway is a wooden sign that acts as Historical Marker #19.  For reference, the logging camp is northwest of the Cascade Lakes Railway ambush camp.

21 – Lost Cabin Mine “The Goldmine”

Located next to the mine you visit during the side mission ‘Leave All That By The Door’ is a plaque you can inspect to tick off Marker #21. If you’re having issues locating the mine outside of the mission, start from the Diamond Lake Camp and travel northwest to the corner of the map. If you see a collection of shacks and abandoned mine carts you’re in the right place, you just need to head towards the entrance of the mine where the plaque resides. 

22 – Crater Lake “The Volcanic Lake”

Directly to the east of the Chemult College Infestation zone is a large visitor center which can be seen on the map as a white building near a fuel station on the lip of the crater. Enter the visitor center and inspect the signs on the walls. Though you can read them all, it’s the sign about the Cataclysmic Eruption which will gain you the Marker.

23 – Crater Lake “The Native American Legend”

The best way to find this Marker is to travel directly west from Camp Adair. Camp Adair itself is easy to find; open the map, start at Diamond Lake and then move the cursor directly east until you find the cluster of houses by the cliff point. The Marker is on the very edge of the cliff overlooking the vast valley below. It’s quite the spectacle; on a bright day you can see for miles from here.

27 – Crater Lake “The Old Man of The Lake”

Crater Lake is a vast body of water surrounding the Diamond Lake Camp. Marker #27 is on the northeast side of the lake almost directly opposite the Tumblebug River infestation zone. Find the middle point between the lake and infestation zone and you should be able to easily locate the Marker.

28 – Mazma Village “The New Deal Project”

This Marker is almost directly opposite the south Oregon Crier zone. It’s likely that you’ll come across it as you undertake the bounty hunter mission ‘Keeping Souvenirs’ which takes you right to the heart of Mazma Village. If you missed it, the Marker can be found at the entrance of the village.

29 – Mazma Falls “The Silent Falls”

After clearing the Spruce Lake Ambush Camp head north towards the south Oregon Crier infestation nest. On your way, you’ll come across a grand waterfall feeding a small body of water. Veer onto the sandy path nearby and head towards the arch underneath the waterfall and you’ll come across a hidden Marker.

30 – The Phantom Ship “The Ghost on The Water”

To make this collectible easier to find first locate the position of Marker #23, Crater Lake. The Phantom Ship Marker is directly south from the Crater Lake sign. While the Crater Laker marker highlights the spectacle of the crater, this collectible highlights the beauty of the natural rock formation known as the Phantom Ship.

31 – Camp Adair “The War Games”

Camp Adair is easy to find; open the map, start at Diamond Lake then move the cursor directly east until you find the cluster of houses by the cliff point. Once you arrive at Camp Adair go to the back of the camp where you’ll come across a small shelter. Just past the shelter, you’ll find the Marker.

Days Gone Historical Markers in Highway 97 region

32 – Gentleman Bandit Memorial “Poetic Justice”

Highway 97 is basically one long road connecting Chemult Town to the Oregon Community College. Follow the road until you reach the outskirts of the college and you’ll find that it’s also an infestation zone. First job: burn down those nests! Once you’re done, the Historical Marker is beneath a tree just outside of the college walls. If you’re in the right place, you should be able to see the railway tracks nearby.

33 – Bill the Grey Fox Miner “Oregon’s Worst Bandit”

There’s a cluster of houses and two fuel stations in Chemult Town on the east side of the Crater Lake map. Here, you can find the first of two Markers. Use your map to find the halfway point between the two fuel stations and drop down from the broken road there onto the handy lorry waiting below. Walk south in a straight line until you see a bus station. Just behind it, you’ll find the Marker.

34 – The Stagecoach Legend “Rushing for Gold”

Staying in Chemult, get back onto the main tarmac road and head towards the fuel station on the west side of town. If you stay on the left-side of the road you’ll come across a large signpost. Underneath, you’ll find The Stagecoach Legend and a Marker. This area is frequented by wolves and raiders, so make sure you’re well prepared before you approach.

35 – Japanese Balloon Bomb “The Casualties of War”

After clearing the Bare Bay Ambush camp at the very bottom of Highway 97, head northeast, across the road and keep going until you reach McLoughlin’s Farm. Historical Marker #35 is located on the top of a small hill next to a bench overlooking both the farm and the nearby train crossing.

Days Gone Historical Markers in Iron Butte

37 – Devil’s Lake “View of the Cascades”

Devil’s lake is a large body of water in the Iron Butte region with a Historical Marker on its shore. Look for the plane crash on the eastern side of Devil’s Lake, then head down the hill to the north until you come across a sole tree. At the base of the tree, you’ll find the Marker.

38 – Waldo Lake “The Oregon Conservationist”

As its name suggests, this Marker is found overlooking the now dried-up Waldo Lake. To reach it you want to first clear the Redwood RV Park ambush camp, then walk back out of the camp and onto the sandy track leading to the main road. Follow the tarmac to the west until you’re stopped by a broken bridge. A little path south of the bridge harbours the Historical Marker.

39 – Snowbrush Ranch “The First Alpaca Farm”

This Marker is almost directly north from the NERO checkpoint that you’ll pass as you enter the Iron Butte region. Take the sandy track north from the checkpoint and pass a large white building on your left. Once you reach a house, get off your motorbike. The Marker is on a large stone slab nearby.

40 – Iron Butte Ranch “The Summer Marsh”

From the broken bridge located near Marker #38 head north to a rocky outcrop. Following the path nearby, you should come across a sign for a nature trail. Turn to your left and you’ll see the Historical Marker overlooking the remains of the Iron Butte Ranch. Inspect the stone memorial to gain the collectible.

41 – Iron Butte “The Iron Mountain”

In order to reach this Marker, you’ll need to be ready for a steep climb. Start at the rouge tunnel NERO checkpoint and head directly north. Pass a cluster of houses and stop beside a rocky outcrop where you should be able to see the Marker on top of a hill. Climb over the ledges until you reach the summit and your prize.

43 – Hot Butte Meteorite “Gift from The Sky”

At the top of the Iron Butte map, you’ll find the Wagon Road ambush camp. Once you’ve finished clearing the camp you’ll need to drive south down the sandy track. The Historical Marker is a little way down the road near the Sugarpine Butte, not far from some wooden spikes and facing the mountain in the distance. Inspect the memorial to learn about the meteorite and tick the Marker off your list.

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