Cubism Volume 2 Adds 30 Free new Puzzles

When it comes to deliciously simply yet highly effective puzzle gameplay, Thomas van Bouwel’s Cubism for Oculus Quest, Rift and SteamVR is a very good place to start. Officially released back in September 2020, for Cubism’s first anniversary this month the developer is releasing a free content update adding 30 new puzzles into the mix.

The Volume 2 update adds a second campaign to Cubism’s roster, split across five stages each with six puzzles apiece. And to give them a bit of pop the puzzles feature a new colour palette. Just like the first campaign, with each puzzle solved players will be able to unlock an original piano song. To access volume 2 you’ll need to have completed at least 30 puzzles from the first campaign.

Cubism captured hearts and puzzled brains because at first, it seems so deceptively easy; take coloured blocks and try to make them all fit with a predefined shape. As the shapes increase in size and with more blocks to try and place the difficulty soon ramps up, providing a mix of logic solving and trial and error to succeed.

While volume 2 is the first content update for Cubism van Bouwel has released other backend updates to improve the experience, especially where Oculus Quest is concerned. He added hand tracking back in March so players no longer required controllers, followed by 120Hz support a month later.

Reviewing the Oculus Quest version of Cubism at launch VRFocus said: “Easy to pick up yet difficult to complete, it may take some an hour whilst others will take five. It’s the kind of VR game you can give to anyone and they’ll instantly know what to do, because who doesn’t know how to place a few blocks together.”

Cubism’s free volume 2 update is available today. If you’ve not picked up the puzzle title then it’s only £7.99 GBP on Oculus Store and Steam. For continued updates from van Bouwel, keep reading VRFocus.–cqRIDw%3Fwmode%3Dtransparent%26rel%3D0%26feature%3Doembed
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