Challenge Pack 1 is the First Free Update for Phantom: Covert Ops

One of the biggest videogames to arrive for Oculus Quest and Rift in June was nDreams’ stealth shooter Phantom: Covert Ops. Today, the British studio has announced the launch of its first content update, adding new Challenge Maps and bug fixes.

In Phantom: Covert Ops. Challenge Pack 1 you’ll be able to test your kayaking skills in ‘Unfathomable’, a time trial where all the paddle controls are reversed. Whilst ‘Target Hunt’ is all about exploring levels shooting pop-up cut-outs of enemies.

The update isn’t purely about new maps either, the cheats section is getting several new additions. You’ll be able to play with ‘Loose Cannon’, an infinite ammunition grenade launcher. Activate ‘Powder Keg’ and all those finely aimed headshots on high-value targets will end in explosive results.

‘Broadside’ gives you an SV-54 Assault rifle which doesn’t need reloading to use on a target range and ‘Battleship’ provides you with infinite ammo.

One of the more unique virtual reality (VR) first-person shooters (FPS), Phantom: Covert Ops is set in a watery Russian base which you can either infiltrate quietly or aggressively depending on your gameplay style. Armed with silenced weapons, the kayak locomotion mechanic allows you to glide across the water, hiding in reeds for the perfect opportunity to strike.

The addition of these new challenge levels brings the total up to 19, offering players plenty of content alongside the main campaign. The story mode features plenty of secrets which unlock other aspects of the videogame. nDreams revealed last month that the Phantom: Covert Ops had done well in its first month after release, managing to exceed $1m in gross revenue.

VRFocus awarded Phantom: Covert Ops a four-star review, saying: “Phantom: Covert Ops offers a decent slice of immersive VR gaming that will be well suited to most gamers.” Adding that it “is entertaining and there’s enough to keep you invested for a good few hours. Hopefully, nDreams will build upon this concept rather than letting it sink into the depths.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Phantom: Covert Ops which is exclusive to Oculus Quest and Rift, reporting back with further updates.
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