Bigscreen Goes Green Screen For Multi App Avatar Use

Original starting as a PC desktop sharing app for virtual reality (VR) headsets, nowadays Bigscreen is better known for its range of social media services, like its videoplayer or revolving catalogue of movies. Now the app has introduced another new feature to make those Bigscreen avatars more versatile, Green Screen.

The free update adds a green screen environment to the app, thus allowing users to take their avatar and drop it into a range of other software for various creative uses. Add the avatar to your next Zoom chat or for those streamers out there your next Twitch show.

Its easy to setup with only a few steps involved:

  • Once you’re all logged in open up the “Environments” section and head to the “My Room” tab. You’ll find the “Green Screen” on the sixth page.
  • Back in the “My Room” tab, find the Selfie Stick or Streamer Cam – only available on PC VR headsets, Quest users will need to use Oculus Link.
  • The camera tools capture video footage and display a video feed on your desktop. This can then be captured (and key out) using 3rd-party tools like OBS.

And that’s all you need to live stream your avatar to place like Twitch and YouTube. Place your avatar in a more suitable setting for a podcast or behind a table for that newsroom feel.

There are plenty more improvements coming in the near future. Oculus Quest users will be getting their own native Selfie Stick tool plus there will be some Oculus Quest 2 specific enhancements so users can host larger rooms. Plus, Bigscreen’s remote desktop feature should be ready in a couple of months, which would enables ultra-low latency (10-15ms) desktop streaming to the standalone headset.

Bigscreen is free to download for HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. For all the latest updates, keep reading VRFocus.
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