Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs New Puns

Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are enjoying life on their very own islands. Despite being under the ever-watchful eye of Tom Nook, who encourages players to take out steadily increasing loans to improve their homes, deserted island life is good. There are fish to catch, bugs to collect, trees to shake and stones to hit. You can also plant flowers, make friends and form your very own animal community. However, one thing we’re growing tired of pretty fast, apart from all those eggs masquerading as fish, are the puns.

One Pun Wonders

Every fish you dig up and bug you catch not only comes with a price in bells but it also comes with an increasingly terrible pun. While we loved these puns at first, some of them have started to get very old, very fast.

There are two main things to consider with these one-line wonders: the first is how good they are, the second is how common the fish or bug is. While black bass being “the most metal of all fish” may raise a smirk when you first catch one, 67 basses later it’s not so funny.

That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the puns, we really do, it’s just that the quality of puns varies as much as the fish. We appreciated the koi being “a bad speller” and the paper kite butterfly pun is well thought out. We also love the squid being “off the hook” in a cheeky Splatoon reference, but if we have to read how the manilla clam is “my favorite flavor of clam” one more time we may actually go insane.

The Worst Offenders

The most tiresome quips are the puns that are terrible, like the dab’s, which insists that it’s “not bad” and those we have to read over and over like the sea bass, “no wait – it’s at least a C+.”

For the record Nintendo, a sea bass can’t even scrape a C+, it’s an F. That may also be the first letter of certain words we say when we catch yet another of the worthless things.

We aren’t asking for the world, just a little variety. Why can’t some of these fish get more puns? There could be generic fish puns or fishing puns, just so we at least have a choice of 2 or 3 options to read when we catch our 17th yellow butterfly of the day.

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