You won’t have to buy any of Modern Warfare’s weapons or attachments

With its upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developer Infinity War is attempting to make the most accessible and player-friendly Call of Duty game ever. The developer has already announced that it would be bringing new modes and maps to players for free, rather than as part of a season pass, and on Thursday afternoon it announced the game’s new microtransaction system which will only include cosmetics.

According to Infinity Ward’s announcement, Modern Warfare will have a battle pass system, similar to those included in many free-to-play games, and won’t feature loot boxes. The battle pass itself will be visible to players before they purchase it, allowing them to see exactly what items they’re paying for. These items also won’t be able to affect gameplay at all, and will only be cosmetics.

The battle pass will also feature two “streams,” one free and one premium. While Infinity Ward doesn’t give many details in the post, other games that have had battle passes with free and premium options usually have certain basic unlocks that were available on the free pass with the higher tier, more impressive cosmetics available in the premium tier. The battle pass will also let players unlock COD Points, which players can spend on specific skins in the in-game store.

Infinity Ward also says that it will not be releasing the battle pass when the game launches on Oct. 25, but will wait to release it until later in the year. There’s no mention yet of how much the battle pass will cost, or exactly when it will be released.

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