What the PlayStation 5 Specs Actually Mean For Players

What AMD’s New Chip Means for Graphics and Audio

we still don’t know what framerate Sony is targeting for these games, which will certainly have an effect on how much graphical fidelity they can push.”

An SSD Brings Faster Load Times (and More)

So, while we don’t know exactly what type of SSD they’ll be using, his claims do give us a bit of insight—it’s extremely possible this could be an NVMe SSD that uses PCIe lanes for data transfer instead of the traditional, slower SATA interface. Furthermore, Cerny claims its bandwidth outdoes anything you can get on a consumer PC right now, which could be a nod to the upcoming PCIe 4.0 standard. Still, that would increase the cost significantly, so I wonder whether this will be a true SSD or a hybrid approach like we’ve seen in some other devices—or if Sony is just banking on SSD prices continuing to plummet before this new console is released.

What Would a PS5-Esque PC Look Like in 2019?

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