Top-level Division 2 players will see targeted loot locations in next update

The highest-level players of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will have an easier time hunting down branded gear, specific weapons, mods and more thanks to callouts on the mega map and other changes exposing where they can find exactly the loot they need.

For players at World Tier 5 — the top tier, unlocked by completing high-level strongholds with a Gear Score above 450 — the overview map will highlight the gear brand or loot type with increased drop chances in missions and named zones. These drops will rotate, so a timer will also show players how long they have until the drops change.

Missions with targeted loot will still drop normal loot, with the called-out items “added as drops on top of the regular loot … you would expect to get out of a mission,” developers with Massive Entertainment wrote on the game’s official blog.

Targeted loot that is available out in the open world (as opposed to a mission) will drop from named NPCs or the completion of open-world events (such as the constant parade of civilian execution ceremonies). Of course, if this is in the Dark Zone, it needs to be extracted by helicopter before some rando shows up to rob the dice game.

Massive said that extra highlights will be added to the light pillar calling out targeted loot within a pile, when a player is up-close after a firefight. This is all important because, in addition to the item’s overall Gear Score, sets of branded equipment will compound that rating higher, and items can be recalibrated to give perks from weapons and gear with lower ratings to ones with higher scores.

The title update will come with The Division 2’s second and next episode called Pentagon: The Last Castle. That is due to arrive for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One sometime this fall. It follows chapter one, this summer’s DC Outskirts: Expeditions, which added two missions and several challenges to the map.

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