The Last Of Us Part 2–Watch Dina's Face Model Meet Herself In-Game

The Last of Us Part II puts its characters through the ringer, and thanks to the game’s detailed facial modelling and motion capture you really feel their suffering. So it’s nice to have a video like the one below, from Dina face model Cascina Caradonna, in which we get to see what it looks like when she’s having an unmistakably good time.

Caradonna, who has recently played through the original The Last of Us on her YouTube channel, put off the sequel until now. She starts from the very beginning, and the first time Dina is even mentioned, you can see how excited she is.

The big moment comes at around 23:50, when Dina first appears in the game. Caradonna’s reaction to seeing herself starts at shock, and immediately turns into tears. It’s very emotional.

You can check it out yourself below.

While Caradonna was the face model for Dina, she is not the character’s actor–she’s performed by Shannon Woodward (Elsie in Westworld). As you can see in the video, though, Dina really looks a lot like Caradonna.

For another wholesome dopamine hit, here’s Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith actor Briana White seeing herself in-game for the first time. Along similar (but also different) lines, here’s Daisuke Tsuji, who plays Jin Sakai on Ghost of Tsushima, getting excited over his own digital butt.

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