Spelunky 2 delayed beyond 2019

Roguelike platformer Spelunky 2 won’t make its previously scheduled 2019 release date. Developer Derek Yu broke the bad news on Twitter, saying that the follow-up to the original Spelunky simply needs more time.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get to release Spelunky 2 this year,” Yu said on his Mossmouth Twitter account. “Development is still going well and we’re not far off target, but the density and detail of the game is demanding more time.”

Yu did not commit to a 2020 release date.

“As soon as we have a release date for [Spelunky 2], we’ll make sure everyone knows!” Yu said. “We can’t wait to show you more, although of course the best way is for you to experience it for yourself at launch.”

Yu added that the teams at Mossmouth and Blitworks have “been adding more detail, as well as increasing the contrast to make existing details pop” based on player feedback.

Spelunky 2 was announced at Paris Games Week in 2017. The following year, the developer penciled in a 2019 release date for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC via Steam.

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