Sony's State Of Play: Biggest PS4 Announcements From December 2019 Stream

The final PlayStation State of Play of 2019 was livestreamed on December 10 and saw the reveal of several new trailers and announcements. This close to the end of the year, the livestream primarily focused on news for 2020, but there were a few announcements concerning 2019 games as well. And the focus was firmly on PS4 games–as announced ahead of time, Sony did not share any new details about PlayStation 5.

The biggest announcement from the livestream was the reveal of a Resident Evil 3 remake, which confirms the leaked artwork that hinted at the game’s existence is legit. Surprisingly, the game will actually be packaged with RE Resistance, formerly known as Project Resistance, the asymmetrical multiplayer mode that we previously expected to be a standalone release. You can check out everything we know in our Resident Evil 3 remake roundup.

You can rewatch the full State of Play presentation in the video embedded below. For those looking for a written summary, a roundup of the stream’s major announcements continues below the video.

State of Play News

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Untitled Goose Game Is Coming To PS4

PlayStation started the stream with the reveal that Untitled Goose Game is coming to PS4 on December 17. This reveal was previously hinted at via leaked PS4 trophies and Xbox One Achievements for the game.

In GameSpot’s Untitled Goose Game review, James O’Connor wrote, “[Untitled Goose Game] is a comedy game that focuses on making the act of playing it funny, rather than simply being a game that features jokes. Wishing that it was longer speaks to how much fun I had with it. There’s nothing else quite like Untitled Goose Game; it’s charming and cute despite being mean, and both very silly and very clever.”

PS4 Is Getting A Magic-Based Battle Royale

State of Play also had a new trailer for Spellbreak, a battle royale game that mixes together role-playing and magical spell-based combat. A closed beta will begin on PS4 in Spring 2020, followed by an official release on the console later in the year.

In GameSpot’s Spellbreak preview, Michael Higham wrote, “Spellbreak’s magic-based elements and their reactive nature to one another offers a new way to think about combat in the crowded genre full of lookalikes. From our brief experience with Spellbreak’s beta build, it seems to be incorporating parts of other battle royale games in smart ways while providing an identity of its own. The objective is the same, but the means for achieving it are much different.”

Dreams Gets A Release Date

Dreams will officially launch on PS4 on February 14, 2020. So grab your significant other and tell them you’ve found the perfect Valentine’s Day plans: creating video games within another video game.

The Epic Game Store’s Trippy Puzzle Game Will Make Its Way Onto PS4

Superliminal is a trippy puzzle game that released exclusively for the Epic Games Store on November 12. The game is making its way to consoles next year, releasing on PS4 sometime in 2020.

Fans of Portal and Portal 2 will likely enjoy Superliminal, which sees you become the test subject for a multitude of tests in a seemingly never-ending facility that’s headed by some disembodied voice obsessed with testing. However, instead of using a portal gun, you solve puzzles by changing your perspective of certain items–making a small wooden block huge by approaching it, for example.

PSVR Is Getting A Strange (But Intriguing) New Game

State of Play also announced a new game called Paper Beast, which is being made by the creators behind Another World. Paper Beast will release for PSVR “early next year” and allow you to explore a dream-like living ecosystem where all animal and plant life are composed of paper.

Kingdom Hearts III DLC Will Release Next Year

First releasing on January 25, Kingdom Hearts III will be getting DLC, titled Re:mind, on January 23, 2020. Re:mind sees the return of Aerith, Yuffie, and Squall–further wrapping up storylines from Square Enix’s long-running action series.

Predator Hunting Grounds Gets A Release Date

Predator: Hunting Grounds was first teased back in May, and now the asymmetric multiplayer game finally has a scheduled release date: April 24, 2020. During State of Play, PlayStation released a new trailer for Predator: Hunting Grounds that revealed multiple playable Predators will be included in the game at launch. You get special in-game bonuses for pre-ordering the game too.

Babylon’s Fall Is Revealed

After more than a year of silence, Platinum Games has provided some additional insight into what its upcoming project, Babylon’s Fall, is. And surprise, surprise (not really), it’s an action game.

The new State of Play trailer showcases the main character of Babylon’s Fall doing his best Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Archer impression and summoning a seemingly never-ending supply of swords to combat monstrous creatures. The action looks really smooth, but that’s pretty much all we got. No news about a release date.

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