Sekiro’s new update is aimed at making players experiment more

FromSoftware’s latest update for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will offer some much needed balance to the game’s use of Spirit Emblems and how the shinobi prosthetic tools and combat arts consume them. According to FromSoftware, the list of changes was made to “encourage usage and diversity of approach.”

In other words, it sounds like FromSoftware wants players to actually use all the tools in their shinobi toolbox, not just the ones they’re comfortable with.

The following prosthetic tools will have their Spirit Emblem cost adjusted: Lazulite Sacred Flame, the Loaded Axe series, Sparking Axe, and Lazulite Axe. While the axes in Sekiro have very clear effectiveness against shielded enemies, the game’s fast-paced combat may make them seem less effective, given their windup time. The Lazulite Sacred Flame in particular has debatable use, given that it’s a late-game upgrade and players typically have access to ample amounts of Divine Confetti by that time.

FromSoftware will also adjust the amount of Spirit Emblems consumed by the following combat arts: Ashina Cross, Dragon Flash, One Mind, Floating Passage, Spiral Cloud Passage, Mortal Draw, and Empowered Mortal Draw. Two combat arts have been nerfed: Senpou Leaping Kicks and High Monk were delivering more posture damage than intended, FromSoftware said.

Spiritfall items, which are obtained from the difficult Headless enemies, will also consume fewer Spirit Emblems to make them more viable.

Finally, players stuck on the Blazing Bull boss will likely find that enemy easier to defeat. The developer says it “slightly reduced” the bull’s posture and vitality “in order to improve game pacing and balance time in combat.”

More details about the patch, which will go live April 22 at 6 p.m. PDT, is available at the game’s Japanese website.

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