Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Adds Target Races And More

Rockstar has rolled out another new batch of content for Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online. Ahead of the major update that’s coming later this spring, the developer has added an assortment of new clothing options to the game, along with a new competitive mode: Target Races.

Rockstar describes Target Races as “a fast-paced mix of marksmanship, strategy, and horse-riding skills.” Players begin each race equipped with a bow and arrow, with the object being to shoot targets as you dash through the track. Along the way, you’ll also be able to pick up guns with limited ammo and other power-ups, which you can use to shoot the targets or other players.

In addition to standard Target Races, PS4 players now have early access to Open Target Races. This variation has you racing about an open environment shooting targets. These can be picked off in any order, and once you’ve hit all of them, you’ll race against the other players in a mad dash to the finish. Thanks to Rockstar’s timed exclusivity agreement with Sony, Open Target Races are only available on PS4 right now, but they’ll come to the Xbox One version next month.

On top of the new modes, Rockstar is giving players 20% more XP in all activities this week, while all horse care items are 25% off. The developer has also added a new selection of clothes to purchase. The full list includes:

  • Morning Tail Coat
  • Strickland Boots
  • Bowyer Boots (Female only)
  • Furred Gloves

Rockstar has more new content in the pipeline for Red Dead Online this year, including two more Showdown modes called Up in Smoke and Plunder. On top of that, the developer will add a hostility system to help combat griefing this spring, as well as new Land of Opportunities missions, more Free Roam missions, dynamic events such as ambushes and rescues, and more

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