Red Dead Online players say they’re finding zombies in the game

The recent, random and unannounced appearance of a zombie NPC in Red Dead Online has given some fans hope that another Undead Nightmare, or something like it, is in store for Rockstar’s cowboy adventure. It could also be a glitch.

First, the zombie. Redditor groats_active spied this wight (above) in the swamp and others say they’ve seen dead bodies laying around since last week’s update. The manner in which they behave lead some players to believe these are glitches — which wouldn’t be a first for Red Dead Online. Some have reported “zombies” with blue skin, leading others to believe this is all a screwed-up implementation of something to do with the cholera outbreak.

The fact the swamp zombie was upright and not blue, plus that we are about 45 days away from Halloween, gives that side of the speculation a little more weight. However, another player described being led to the swamp zombie by a barking dog, then ambushed by a bandit. “I believe this corpse is part of a trap and glitched to stand up for me,” indiethetvshow wrote. That happened to another player, too, with the body behaving in more glitchy ways. Others have documented similar findings over the past week, too.

The presence of Red Dead Online (especially as an open-ended microtransaction vehicle) means story-based DLC in Red Dead Redemption 2 is about as likely for it as it has been for Grand Theft Auto 5 in the six years since its launch. The original Undead Nightmare was a premium expansion for Red Dead Redemption, arriving during the week of Halloween 2010. It packed in a ton of new single-player missions, plus side missions and other events, along with a couple of multiplayer game modes.

As Red Dead Online (and Grand Theft Auto Online) shows, such things are possible within the game’s sprawling multiplayer suite, which is where Rockstar wants folks’ attention if not in the campaign. We’ve still reached out to a Rockstar rep to see if this is indeed a glitch like last time, or a stay-tuned teaser.

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