Persona 5 Royal Flexes New Features In Trailer; Cast Reintroduced For Western Release

With the Western launch of Persona 5 Royal fast approaching, developer Atlus recently put out a teaser reintroducing the main cast, aka The Phantom Thieves. You can watch the trailer below, and in it you’ll catch glimpses of some new features included in this revamped version of the original RPG–particularly, the wildly absurd partner attacks and the new core character Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Kasumi plays a significant role in P5R as she’s involved in the central mystery, affecting many aspects of the original story. She’s a student at Shujin Academy and grows close to the main protagonist and Goro Akechi, who are at the forefront of the narrative. Kasumi has her own dedicated scenes and persona named Cendrillon, which also represents her background. What’s more, there’s an extra palace tied to her backstory. You can see a bit of it in the trailer, and it seems to be themed around an opera house, alluding to her talents as a rhythmic gymnast and ballet dancer.

You’ll also notice all-new partner attacks where a duo will lay down heavy damage on enemies when initiated. These get wild, too: Morgana turns into a bus to let Haru launch grenades before crashing into enemies, and Ryuji and Yusuke lay waste to enemies for interrupting their meal at a ramen bar. They look absolutely absurd, but they lean into the lavish style Persona 5 was known for. Another small addition you can catch is that Futaba gets her own all-out attack animation and battle-finishing artwork.

For more on the game, be sure to check out our detailed breakdown of P5R’s first announcement trailer, roundup of P5R’s newest features, and dive into who Kasumi is as the new character. It’s available for pre-order and there are a few different editions that come with some extra goodies which you can see in our P5R pre-order guide. The game is already out in Japan, but all our coverage is spoiler-free (for Royal specifically); P5R is set to launch in the West on March 31 this year.

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