P.T. modder uncovers content cut from the game

P.T. is the horrifying gift that keeps on giving. Even five years after its original launch players are still uncovering new ways for it to terrify us. This time around, modder and YouTuber Lance McDonald found some P.T. content that seems to have been cut from the original version of the game.

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for all of P.T.]

In a video centered around his recent discoveries, McDonald explains that he found a version of the bathroom that isn’t actually accessible by playing the game. In this version, the tub is full of water. When the player walks around the shower curtain they find the beheaded corpse of, presumably, Lisa. It’s a graphic scene and, as McDonald speculates, it may have been taken out of the game simply for being too gruesome or too on the nose for the kind of horror the rest of the game is going for.

During the video, McDonald also shows off a few other discoveries he’s made in PT over the last several months. Turns out he’s found a way to make Lisa stand still rather than disappear. McDonald gives viewers the chance to walk up to the model and get a close-up look at it, with its ruined eyes and bloody face. While Lisa’s power is often in how little you see her throughout P.T., there’s something extra scary about knowing exactly what she looks like now.

McDonald mentions that this one small bit of cut content isn’t all that he’s found in the game. Just a few weeks ago he also discovered that Lisa is technically attached to the player’s shoulder, always lurking behind them. That clip, and additional secrets from the cult classic horror game, will be featured on his channel sometime in the future.

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