Naughty Dog Fights The Last Of Us Part 2 Spoilers With Twitter's New Tools

Since details about The Last Of Us Part 2 leaked in April, developer Naughty Dog’s social media posts have been a minefield for fans trying not to be spoiled. As some accounts have consistently posted spoilers as replies to any of Naughty Dog’s tweets, the studio has now made use of a new Twitter tool allowing them to essentially turn comments off, as picked up by IGN.

The latest promotional tweet posted by Naughty Dog today appeared without the option to post a reply, though users can still like, retweet, or quote retweet.

The feature is currently being tested by Twitter, and is available to a limited number of users worldwide. Users with this tool can choose to allow anyone to reply, to allow only the people they follow to reply, or only the people tagged in the post–so if no one is tagged in the post, it will effectively disable comments.

While at its core the feature has been designed to curb abuse by limiting who can interact, the feature has had a mixed reception among Twitter users. Naughty Dog’s use of the tool proves how it can be helpful to prevent abuse from a few bad actors–though unfortunately it means the rest of the community is no longer able to interact as they normally would.

The Last Of Us Part 2 will be released on June 19 for PlayStation 4.

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