How Long Is The Last Of Us Part 2: Game Length Explained

Like its predecessor, your playtime to complete The Last of Us Part 2 can vary pretty wildly. You can choose to play Naughty Dog’s stealth horror game in a fairly slow, methodical way if you’re careful enough to sneak past the humans and infected who stand in your way. And compared to its predecessor, The Last of Us 2 is quite a bit bigger, with the larger areas to explore and scavenge for supplies.

Though your mileage may literally vary, here’s how long it takes to beat The Last of Us Part 2, no matter how you choose to survive the post-apocalypse. Be sure to also check out our full The Last of Us 2 review, which is spoiler-free.

How Long Is The Last Of Us Part 2?

  • Critical Path: 23-27 hours, depending on playstyle
  • Completionist: 30-35 hours

Several members of the GameSpot team have made it through The Last of Us Part 2 on different difficulties and utilizing a variety of playstyles. In general, we’ve found the game will take you around 25 hours to complete, depending on how you approach it. Stealthier players and those on higher difficulties can expect longer playtimes; those of us who’ve taken on the game on Hard or Survivor difficulty have seen it take between 27 and 30 hours for a run. On Moderate, you can expect it to be closer to 22-25 hours, depending on how methodical and sneaky you are.

Like its predecessor, a big part of The Last of Us Part 2 is scavenging for crafting material and ammunition between battles. Compared to the last entry in the franchise, Part 2 has been expanded greatly in this regard, with a lot of new optional areas for you to explore as you work your way through the game. There are also a great deal more collectibles to find this time out. Some are just items tied to Trophies, while others are notes that provide hints about puzzles or story tidbits that fill in the picture of what happened in the past.

Hunting Collectibles In New Game Plus

If you’re hoping to collect everything, know that you’ll probably won’t succeed on your first run through the game. Those of us hunting collectibles on our first run found them running up toward the 30-hour mark. After finishing the game, a New Game Plus mode allows you to go back through and search for the things you missed. You can also choose which chapters and encounters you want to replay, with The Last of Us Part 2 telling you how many collectibles you have yet to find. Expect hunting down everything to add around five hours or more to your total.

Speaking of collectibles, we’ll have plenty of coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 when it launches on June 19, including a spoiler-free walkthrough, guides for finding every collectible in the game, rundowns of Easter eggs you might have missed, and more–stay tuned.

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