Gran Turismo 7 Isn't Confirmed Just Yet, Despite That Logo

UPDATE: False alarm–it turns out the logo was an internal mock-up for a potential Gran Turismo 7 logo from the company’s graphic design department, though why it was shared publicly is unclear. We might still see a Gran Turismo reveal in the near future, but Next Level Racing does not have insider information. However, a newly published poll from Sony is only going to further stoke the flames.

“Our team has recognized that a recent post by us using a logo has been misinterpreted by media and it does not reflect any information from our end, and we deny knowing any information regarding the launch of GT7,” the company said in a post. “There have been assumptions made in the media that are quite simply untrue. Due to this, we have decided to take down our previous social post. Our Graphic Design Department used the mock logo that is circulated on the internet. We do apologize for any confusion that this might have caused.”

Following this, PlayStation’s Brazil Twitter account published a poll asking people about their game preferences. Alongside already-released games FIFA 20, Knack 2, and Just Dance 2020, it lists Gran Turismo 7. This may simply be the result of an error, but the timing is amusing, at the very least.

The original story follows below.

A racing game cockpit manufacturer with ties to PlayStation might have accidentally revealed the logo for a new Gran Turismo game. Furthermore, the social media post showing the logo suggests a 2020 release date.

The post in question, which was made across Twitter (below), Facebook, and Instagram (and has since been deleted), asks followers: “What racing game are you most looking forward to in 2020?” Many comments have jumped upon the GT 7 logo, as Gran Turismo 7 has not been officially announced or unveiled yet. The other games in the tweet–Dirt 5, Automobilista 2, and F1 2020–are all confirmed.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this is not confirmation of Gran Turismo 7, per se. However, the manufacturer has a working relationship with Sony–the GT Track PlayStation Edition is an officially licensed PlayStation product. Searching across numerous fan mock-ups, we could not find a logo matching this one–although it’s possible that the social media team at Next Level Racing is being speculative, and has created this logo internally.

Polyphony Digital has previously confirmed that a new Gran Turismo is in the works, so Gran Turismo 7 seems likely. Whether it’s a PlayStation 5 launch game, or a late-era PS4 release (much as Gran Turismo 6 was a late PlayStation 3 game), the idea of a new Gran Turismo releasing in 2020 is not far-fetched.

It’s also possible that this was not an accident at all, of course, but any further analysis of what this could mean would only be speculation.

Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 5 launch line-up soon.

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