Ghost Of Tsushima Players Have Patted 8.8 Million Foxes In 10 Days, And More Stats

Ghost of Tsushima has been out on PS4 for less than two weeks, but already the game’s player base has put some serious time into Sucker Punch’s samurai adventure. Now PlayStation has released some of the stats from the game’s first 10 days, showing off how many times some of the game’s activities have been enjoyed.

In a tweet, PlayStation revealed 11 stats about the game across three images. Players took a lot of photos with the game’s excellent photo mode, it seems, and went out of their way to pat a lot of foxes.

You can view the tweet below, but here’s the full rundown of stats released:

  • 156.4 million standoffs
  • 57.5 million duels
  • 139.4 million enemies collapsed in fear
  • 810.3 years on horseback
  • 16.2 million onsen visited
  • 14.2 million haikus written
  • 28.1 million flute songs played
  • 8.8 million foxes petted
  • 17.1 million bamboo strikes completed
  • 37.5 million Inari shrines honored
  • 15.5 million photos taken

Ghost of Tsushima sold over 2.4 million copies in its first three days on sale, making it the fastest-selling new IP for PlayStation this generation. The game contains a great Easter egg for fans of PlayStation-exclusive games, too.

One of the game’s players is Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi, who has been loving it.

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