Genshin Impact patch fixes problem where fans kept burning themselves alive

Genshin Impact’s big 1.1 update added all-new mechanics, characters, and storyline content, which for the most part has been great, except for how the game temporarily made some characters completely unusable. It all has to do with an unfortunate tweak to environmental damage.

As the patch notes state, one tweak to the game tried to more properly scale up environmental damage to the player’s world level, which dictates how challenging enemies will be. “Tried” is the operative word here. Players using fire-heavy characters, like Klee or Diluc, soon found out that using their explosive abilities at all would often destroy their HP if not kill them outright, as folks took ambient damage from things like burning grass.

“Just fought a downed Ruin Guardian with Klee and she’s almost dead without getting hit,” one player said on Twitter.

“My Klee dies without being hit by any enemy because of the fire damage from the fiery grass lol,” another said.

“Klee takes off CHUNKS of her own health with every attack now,” another bemoaned.

It wasn’t just a problem inside combat encounters — even doing simple things like mining mats became an unusually dangerous activity for anyone maining a fire-based character.

Mihoyo heard player’s woes, and in a recently updated blog post, admitted that its new environmental damage had “become unnecessarily burdensome.”

“With regard to this design choice, our initial intention was to increase the effect that the environment has on combat and to encourage Travelers to use different strategies in response to these different combat scenarios,” the developer explained, before apologizing.


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Fans are now reporting that the issue has been fixed, which you’d think would be a relief for everyone maining Klee, but no. Some folks miss it!

“People have been too accustomed to easy mode that they can’t handle a little bit of challenge,” one comment on the blog post read.

“Nooooooooooooooooo genshin nerfed grass fire damage because people yelled at the devs please i just want klee to commit war crimes,” another wrote on Twitter.

“Playing klee while in this new update with the new fire damage numbers is ass,” another claimed on social media.

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