Free The Sims 4 update will add freelancer career, new outfits, and more

Maxis will add a new freelancing career, as well as new furnishings and outfits, as part of a free update to The Sims 4 later this month.

The new freelancing career will allow sims to work from home, and pick up gigs that they have to finish before a deadline. Sims can be a writer, artist, or programmer. Similar to the acting career in the Get Famous expansion pack, sims will sign with an agency that will help them get assignments. From there, they can pick which task they want to complete. Freelancer sims will not receive promotions, but will get pay increases as they complete more and more work. They also don’t have to accept gigs if they need a week off, or can opt-in to more tasks if they need the simoleons.

This isn’t the first more modern job The Sims 4 has added. A previous free update brought the ability to become a “style influencer” and the Get Famous expansion allowed sims to start livestreaming.

The April update also includes new furnishings, like a swanky laptop that can be earned in the freelance career and some plain floating wall shelves to decorate your space with and fill up with clutter.

The stream also added that with this update, The Sims 4 will offer full keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, the freelancer update will not be released for console with this update.

Alongside these update announcements was a confirmation that in the next six months, The Sims 4 will get a new expansion pack, game pack, and stuff pack. Further details on these packs have yet to be announced.

Players who want to see the update in action can check out the April 2019 Maxis Monthly stream here. The freelancer update will come for free for Mac and Windows PC players on April 16.

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