Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Chapter 14 Side-Quests Walkthrough

One of the biggest surprises to uncover in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the breadth of optional missions and characters around Midgar. While the battle between the rebels of Avalanche and the evil Shinra Electric Company is at the forefront, it’s worth taking some time to get to know the residents of the mako-powered metropolis. The side-quests in the FF7 Remake can be pretty extensive, and this is most evident towards the latter end of the game in Chapter 14.

In Chapter 14, you’ll regain control of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret in the Undercity following a pivotal moment in the plot. At this point, you have more leeway in where you can travel to in Midgar, allowing you fast-travel to previously completed areas. While you may feel tempted to skip the quests to continue with the story, you’ll miss out on some valuable items and Materia, which can help even the odds in the upcoming battles. But if you miss out on events here, don’t fret. After completing the game, you’ll be able to use the chapter select menu to travel back to any of the previously completed sections of the story.

If you’re looking to figure out how to complete all of Chapter 14, then we’ve put together a handy spoiler-free guide detailing the many side-quests. If you’re looking for other tips, such as the locations for every weapon in the game, best Materia, or even the complete walkthrough of the game, then be sure to check out our FF7 Remake hub for all the details.

Sector 5 Undercity Side-Quests

Missing Children

Talk to Ms. Folia outside of the Kids’ Hideout. She’ll dispatch you to find the patrolling kids again. Head north toward Nut ‘n’ Bolts Hills and take the right path toward Lookout Point, going northeast. As you go, you’ll see some purple smoke cross the path, pointing you toward the cemetery.

You’ll have a mini-boss fight facing you in the cemetery against two Phantom monsters. These guys are weak against Fire magic, but they’re a big pain in general. The Phantoms like to disappear as you attack them, then appear behind you for big attacks like Frozen Claw. Try to hit them with Fire spells while they’re attacking your teammates to interrupt them and push up their stagger gauges. When they use their Drain Essence attack, stay well back–anyone caught in the vortex will lose a ton of health, while also healing the Phantoms.

Focus on one Phantom and hit it as hard as you can whenever it appears, and use Punisher mode counter-attacks when the ghosts disappear and attack you. Keep up the pressure until you take them both out. Your reward for finishing the quest is a Time Materia.

Chocobo Search

Head north toward the train station out of the Sector 5 Center District to run into one of Chocobo Sam’s Stablehands, who will send you out to look for some loose chocobos. That’ll open up fast travel throughout the slums with Sam’s Delivery Service, so you can get around more quickly. It’ll be handy to do so, since the chocobos are pretty far away from each other.

Keep going north into the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills and look for the chocobo at the north end of the area, at the path where you can head east toward Lookout Point. When you find the chocobo, you’ll have to fight a Rust Drake. Skip out on hitting this things with spells at first, as it’ll absorb the magical energy as long as it’s surrounded in that weird darkness. Instead, pummel it with ranged attacks as best you can until it casts Gravity. When that happens, get in close with melee strikes and do as much damage as you can to dispel the darkness. That’ll open up the creature to magic attacks, so keep hitting it until it staggers and finish it off.

Find your second chocobo outside of Sector 5, past the train station to the west. Take the Sanctuary Way path toward the church and you’ll find the chocobo about halfway.

The final chocobo is located in the Collapsed Expressway. You’ll need to go in pretty deep to find it, but you can’t miss it if you start at the shortcut path on the road between Sector 5 and Sector 6. When you get to it, you’ll need to fight three Trypapoplis monsters. These guys are highly resistant to both magic and spells. Watch out for their Screech attack, which will stun anyone caught in it; when one uses it, all three will focus on the stunned character and use Aeroga spells on them. When that happens, quickly run to each of the Trypapoplises and beat them down to interrupt them and cancel the spell–an ATB ability will usually do the trick.

When the Trypapolises use Dance, hitting them causes them to clone themselves. The clones are quite a bit weaker and you can kill them fast, and that seems to increase the damage you’ll do to the originals for a bit. But a sustained beatdown with abilities like Tifa’s Chi Trap will drive up their stagger gauges–they won’t stay staggered for long, but you can continually pummel them without them getting away, which is almost as good. This can be a lengthy fight, but you should be able to win out once you start separating and killing off the monsters.

Finishing the quest gets you the Sam’s Lifetime Pass key item, which lets you take chocobo rides for free from Sam’s Delivery Service, making fast travel a lot easier.

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Secret Medicine

Talk to the doctor across from the community center, who will send you to find herbs to make medicine. You need three items, but the first is easy: drop by the Moogle Emporium in the Kids’ Hideout to purchase the Moogle Mortar.

Your second ingredient is located in the church where Cloud and Aerith first met. Head to the train station north and west of the Sector 5 Central District, then follow the path north to the church. Grab the herb growing there on the ground.

Finally, head to Evergreen Park and talk to Wymer to get the Subterranean Menace quest, which will take you to the underground lab. There, you’ll have to fight the Behemoth Type 0 miniboss. Defeat it and return to the doctor to get Teluric Scriptures Vol. III as a reward.

Corneo’s Secret Stash

Find Damon the reporter north of the Center District of Sector 5, where the path splits in Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills. Afterward, go northeast up the path toward Lookout Point. Talk to Mirielle, then pick up the Corneo’s Vault Note key item on the ground behind her.

Find Kyrie in the church where Cloud met Aerith. You’ll want to pick up the Tomboy Bandit quest from Johnny at the Sector 5 Train Station along the way, since these two quests dovetail a bit. After talking to Kyrie, you’ll need to go to Wall Market’s coliseum to deal with the Shinra goons who have been bothering her.

Once you have the key, head to the Collapsed Expressway to open your first stash–it’s just inside the entrance, to the north, and will give you two moogle medals and the Diamond Tiara Key Item.

The second stash is in Steel Mountain, north of the Sector 5 Undercity. Head east from the Sector 5 Train Station to each it easily, as you approach Lookout Point. It contains a Prayer Materia, a Circlet accessory, and a Ruby Tiara key item, among other things–including a whole bunch of moogle medals.

To get to the last stash, you have to re-enter the Sewers. You’ll do that when you visit Don Corneo’s mansion as part of the main quest. The stash itself is in the Former Disposal Area in the Old Trunk Line – Control Section. Work your way through the sewers until you defeat the Mischievous Shoat miniboss; after that, Leslie will lead you to a ladder with a switch beside it. Throw the switch, then return to the Former Disposal Area and enter the stash, which has now been drained.

Inside the final stash, you’ll fight the Sahagin Prince, along with two more Sahagins. The Prince is tougher than his buddies, using counter-attacks in addition to the Jump and Harpoon attacks of his friends, but he’s got the same weakness: Fire. Use your most powerful Fire spells to quickly stagger and put down the two Sahagins backing up the Prince, then focus up on it. Watch for him to go into his counterattack mode, then hit him with Fire to drive up his stagger gauge. The biggest threat in this fight is the Sahagins’ ability to turn your team into frogs, but use maiden’s kiss items if things get bad to bring them back. The key is to use Fire often and quickly to try to take out the Sahagins before they can zap you with too many status effects.

When you’re done, finish the Sewers main quest with Leslie. Before you head topside, talk to Marle in Evergreen Park. You’ll get the Art of Swordplay Vol. III Manuscript when you’re done. You should also find a letter on the ground in the Urban Development District near Don Corneo’s mansion on your way to leave for the plate above, which will unlock the “Divine Gratitude” Trophy.

Tomboy Bandit

Head to the Sector 5 Train Station and you’ll run into Johnny again, who will tell you he was mugged. His description sounds like Kyrie, the woman Mirielle also told you to look for in the “Corneo’s Secret Stash” quest.

Continue west and north up to the church where Cloud met Aerith. Talk to Kyrie at the church and she’ll send you to Wall Market’s Coliseum.

In the Coliseum, you’ll face the Beastmaster again, but with a new enemy working with him: the Hellhound. The Beastmaster is easy enough to deal with–hit him with melee strikes and Fire spells to knock him out in no time. The Hellhound is a tougher customer, but if you have the right spells handy, you can make quicker work of it.

The Hellhound is a two-headed monster, and each side of its personality has a flame that helps it generate powerful fire-based attacks. Extinguishing one or both of those flames with magic spells drives up its stagger meter in a hurry. You can use Ice spells to extinguish the Hellhound’s red flame, or Cure spells to extinguish its purple flame. Either set of spells will knock the Hellhound down so you can close the gap to do more melee damage. Keep up a barrage of magic and melee and you should take the beast out with little difficulty.

Return to Kyrie to get the key to Don Corneo’s Stash Key and Johnny’s Wallet. Return to the Sector 5 Train Station to return the wallet to Johnny.

Wall Market Side-Quests

Wavering Heart

Drop by the gym to find Andrea there and a new Pullups minigame you can take part in. This time, Tifa can take part in the challenge. Similar to the squat minigame, it’s pretty straightforward: beat Andrea to complete the quest. You can then keep at the minigame by challenging the other folks in the gym to earn yourself some additional rewards.

The Power of Music

Stop by the jukebox, accessible in the park on the east side of the inn. Betty, the girl there, will ask you to find music discs to cheer up the locals.

First, head to the Inn at the entrance to Wall Market, on the south side of the main square, and talk to the man in the lobby to pick up the Good Night, Until Tomorrow Music Disc. You’ll find the second one in the Coliseum; talk to the souvenir seller there to snag the Fight On Music Disc. Finally, go through the passageway left of the entrance to the Honeybee Inn to find the Stand Up Music Disc.

Return to the jukebox and play each of the songs to complete the quest. You’ll get the Sharpshooters Companion Vol. III as a reward.

Malicious Goons

Drop by Madam M’s parlour at the north end of Wall Market and she’ll suggest Corneo is sending men to Aerith’s house. Return to the Sector 5 Undercity and head to Aerith’s. You’ll find the guys in the vacant lot just short of her house, past the Leaf House.

You won’t fight the goons themselves, but rather, a Tonberry. This thing’s attacks are deadly, knocking out your characters in one hit, but it’s slow and deliberate. The trick is to attack it from behind, and keep your distance when it’s coming for you. Its Chef’s Knife melee attack will take you out in one hit, but if you can dodge the Tonberry’s attacks, you can lay down a lot of punishment and drive up its stagger meter. If you cast spells or use Barret’s ranged attacks, make them the ones that don’t have long animations–stand still too long and the Tonberry will hit you with another one-hit kill attack, this one long-range, so try to dodge it.

As the Tonberry’s health drops, it’ll start using an attack that freezes all your characters with Stop, which will open them up to killing blows. Keep your distance as much as you can to avoid it, and use Phoenix Downs to keep your team on their feet until the Tonberry eventually goes down.

Subterranean Menace

Go to Evergreen Park and talk to Wymer, who will ask you to clear the monsters out of the underground lab you previously visited. You’ll also need to enter the lab to retrieve the last item you need for the Secret Medicine quest, which is the Behemoth’s Horn.

Crawl down through the underground passage in Evergreen Park to reach the lab. You’ll need to fight your way through it to get to the Behemoth Type 0 boss at the far end. There are some tough fights in here, including a Wrath Hound like the one you dealt with in a sidequest back in Episode 3, but nothing you haven’t faced before.

The Behemoth is a different question. This giant monster is powerful, dangerous, and quick. Make sure you’re fully healed before you slip through the door marked with the Shinra caution tape to fight it. First and foremost, try to stay away from the beast’s head; it’ll swipe at you with its claws, slam the ground to stagger your characters, and thrash them with its horns for big damage. You also generally want to try to keep away from it after you get in close for melee hits, as the Behemoth will occasionally spin in circles to slam everybody who’s nearby.

Your goal in bringing down the Behemoth is to cripple first one half of its body, then the other. A good way to do this is to take over control of Barret, so you can focus fire on either its Upper Body or Lower Body with a variety of attacks, while staying out of harm’s way. Anything you throw at the Behemoth will work, although unless you put a lot of punishment on the Behemoth’s horns, avoid spells–magic will trigger counterattacks until the horns are destroyed.

It’s going to take a lot of damage to cripple one of its body parts, but when you do manage it, quickly focus up on the other body part and lay down as much damage as you can, as quick as you can. Be careful, because the Behemoth will still be capable of attacking you, even if it can’t get away from you. If you can cripple both sides, you can stagger it for some massive damage.

Repeat the process until the job is done; it’ll take a while, but if you keep on top of healing spells, you should be okay. Use your best attacks but execute either with range or hit-and-run tactics to minimize the damage you take.

When you finish, return to Wymer in Evergreen Park to get your reward, the Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III.

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