Digimon Survive delayed to 2020

The only thing I know about Digimon is it’s like a different group, wholly separate from the Pokémons. But if it’s old enough for Kenny Mayne to explain that to Lance Whitaker, then it’s also old enough to have a 20th anniversary this year, which the franchise’s next video game will now miss.

At a “Future of Digimon” panel at Anime Expo 2019 this weekend, Bandai Namco confirmed that Digimon Survive has been delayed to some time in 2020. That’s per a five-minute trailer shown to the panel (but not yet online). Digimon Survive, announced last year, introduces a new protagonist, Takuma Momozuka, who gets lost on a school camping trip with his pals and winds up in “a strange new world of monsters and danger.” The game will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.


Digimon was a way better show than Pokémon

The journey back involves “difficult decisions and deadly battles,” fought in 2D, “in a more classic SRPG style,” according to Bandai Namco. Digimon Survive is the latest game in a 20-year catalog at least as robust as Pokémon’s, which most recently saw Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth on PS4 in 2016, and its sequel, Hacker’s Memory in 2018. That’s still coming to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC in October.
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