Destiny 2 players can get a free powerful engram from Bungie

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion has just arrived and that means players are once again on the search for the best loot. Thankfully there’s a quick and easy way to get a powerful piece of gear by signing up for Bungie’s rewards program.

The Bungie Rewards program requires players to have a account and have a Destiny 2 profile linked to that account. Once your rewards account is set up you’ll start to periodically get rewards in-game for Destiny 2. For now, one of those rewards is a Powerful Engram, a random piece of gear that’s guaranteed to be above your current Light level.

For players who are all about the instant gratification you can get this reward immediately and enjoy the Light upgrade. If you’re more in this for the strategy and trying to maximize your Light-level gains, it’s best to wait on redeeming this reward. If you wait until Light level 900 you can make sure to get the most out of this Powerful Engram, since powerful gear is the only way to get above 900.

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