Cyberpunk 2077 guide: Epistrophy Delamain cab locations

In the second act of Cyberpunk 2077, things start off poorly. As you set off to continue your journey, an automated Delamain cab smashes into and destroys your car. In an effort to fix your vehicle and learn what is happening with these rogue cabs, you’ll have to go on a quest.

That Side Job, “Epistrophy,” requires you to travel all over Night City hunting down divergent forms of your digital friend, Delamain. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide for the “Epistrophy” mission, we’ll give you detailed maps of all the Delmain cab locations throughout the game.

Table of contents

  • All Delamain cab locations map
  • Heywood / The Glen
  • The Badlands
  • Watson / Northside
  • Pacifica / Coastview
  • Santo Domingo / Rancho Coronado
  • Westbrook / North Oak
  • Heywood / Wellsprings

Delamain cab locations

Here are all seven Delamain cab locations
Image: CD Projekt Red/CD Projekt via Polygon

Once you receive the “Epistrophy” quest from the Delamain AI, you’ll get seven more Side Jobs detailing the location of each of the rogue cabs. Finding the cabs will bring you all across Night City.

By traveling to one of the destinations indicated in each Side Job, you will receive a call from Delamain telling you a cab is in there area. Continue following your map marker until you find the rogue cab.

When you find the vehicle, the scanner you received at the Delamain headquarters will scan the car. After that, the rogue portion of the AI will call you on the phone. Speak with the vehicle to solve the particular problem that the AI is having. Upon successfully helping the cab, it will return to service and the central Delamain AI will call you, close the job, and reward you.

Here are the locations of all seven Delamain cabs.

Heywood / The Glen

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

You’ll find this cab near the edge of a roadway. Listen to its issues and relate to the cab, bridging the gap between you, a human, and the thinking AI that resides in the vehicle. Empathize with the cab, and it’ll return to service.

The Badlands

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

You’ll find this cab offroad in the middle of a landfill. When you approach it, it will ask you to get inside of it. Speak to it and exit the vehicle when prompted.

Watson / Northside

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

When you reach the area around this cab, Delamain will call and tell you that it cannot pinpoint the exact location of this cab. As you get closer to the waypoint, you’ll have to locate the hidden cab yourself.

Enter this parking lot on this gray and orange building near this billboard
Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

To find it, head west of the Longshore North fast travel location. Near the location waypoint for this Side Job, you’ll see a gray and orange warehouse with a parking lot you can enter. Flanking both sides of the parking lot entrance is a set of small buildings. Turn right, and you’ll find the car sitting between the smaller buildings and the warehouse itself.

Once you scan and call it, the vehicle will take off. Follow it as it erratically drives between derelict buildings. Eventually, it will crash into a metal shack, allowing you to recall it.

Pacifica / Coastview

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

When you approach this cab, it will lead you around while taunting you and referencing a game that was made 70 years before the events of the game. As you continue following it, the cab will lead you into an ambush against some human enemies. Defeat them, and then speak to the cab before it returns on its own.

Santo Domingo / Rancho Coronado

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

When you make contact with the cab in this area, it will begin erratically driving across the lawns in this neighborhood. To shut it down, drive across the neighborhood destroying lawn flamingos before the car decides to yield.

Westbrook / North Oak

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

When you find this cab, it’ll be traveling around a traffic circle. Follow it, scan it, and speak to it to hear its story. You’ll then have to safely drive it back to the Delamain garage.

Heywood / Wellsprings

Image: CD Projekt Red via Polygon

When you approach the area for this cab, you’ll find it driving around. After you scan it, you can call the cab. It will threaten you, and you’ll have to damage it to stop it.

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