Carrion is a horror game where you play the monster

Carrion is a horror game that twists the basic premise. Instead of the victim, you are the monster. Described as a “reverse horror game” by developers Phobia Game Studio, Carrion places the player in the role of an amorphous creature. Instead of running away and trying to escape, players will be tasked with finding opportunities to attack and grow. The pixel art style brings the Metroidvania genre to mind, but the role change keeps things exciting.

Carrion takes place in a scientific facility, where scientists have been studying — and imprisoning — the monster. The player finds refuge in vents and corridors, slowly working their way through the facility and growing stronger. Much like the recent Observation from No Code, Carrion takes a very simple premise and makes it intriguing by switching the player’s role. The animation is also very well done; watching the symbiotic creature snap and squirm its way around hits the right balance between fascinating and disconcerting.

Carrion is due out on both PC and consoles in 2020.

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