Bungie is reworking Destiny 2’s Enhancement Cores again next season

Destiny 2’s Enhancement Cores have gone through several changes since they were first introduced in Destiny 2: Warmind. In this summer’s Season of Opulence expansion, Bungie is reworking the currency again. Bungie announced some upcoming changes to Enhancement Cores in its weekly blog post on Thursday.

First, Bungie is removing Scrapper bounties. These bounties previously dropped Enhancement Cores, but were random drops. Scrapper bounties were rewarding but inconsistent.

Banshee-44, the Gunsmith in the Tower, will start selling his own bounties next season. Players will be able to purchase daily and weekly bounties for Gunsmith Materials. The rewards will vary, but players will get a guaranteed Enhancement Core with each bounty.

Bungie said that it wants Enhancement Cores to be more accessible. In the Forsaken expansion, the studio added Enhancement Cores to the Infusion process. (Infusion is how players level up old gear.) It’s an essential part of the way Destiny players customize their loadouts.

But Enhancement Cores remained the key component for Masterworks, a system where players can upgrade their favorite weapons. With Enhancement Core’s inherent rarity, players aren’t able to customize as much as they want. By making it possible to farm them, Bungie hopes to shift that balance in Season 7.

These changes will come with Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence, which is scheduled to go live in June.

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