Bloodborne's Hunter Gets Turned Into Adorable Nendoroid Figure

Start saving your Blood Echoes and pray to Yharnam that you don’t get killed, because an adorable Bloodborne figure is coming later this year. The Nendoroid Hunter, created by Good Smile Company, turns Bloodborne’s protagonist into an adorable little fellow who doesn’t look capable of harming a fly. That cuteness hides pure power, however, as the figure is armed with a Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol.

It’s fully articulated, and you can extend the Saw Cleaver into its longer form like you can in the game. The pistol isn’t for pulling off sick headshots, but for parrying monsters about to land a killing blow so you can follow up with a powerful counter. Against later bosses in Bloodborne, this skill is particularly crucial.

In case the Hunter is cut down, the package also includes a lamp, which function as the game’s version of bonfires from Dark Souls for leveling up and restoring dead enemies. If you happen to lose the figure, this will hopefully be where it pops back up, but that would probably cost a bit more.

The $50 figure is available to pre-order until March 18 and is expected to ship in August. Nendoroid figures have been made for characters in a variety of other game series, including Devil May Cry, Overwatch, The Witcher, and Kingdom Hearts. A nifty figure for Sam Bridges from Death Stranding even exists.

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