Apex Legends’ Elite Queue circles will prevent players from camping

Respawn Entertainment introduced Apex Legends’ Elite Queue last week along with the Legendary Hunt event. The queue seems like an early test of the ranked mode the developer announced at EA Play 2019, but it doesn’t quite seem to have worked the way Respawn was hoping.

To gain access to the Elite Queue players have to have finished in the top five of their previous match. Once you’re in Elite Queue you can get progress toward the various quests and rewards that are part of the Legendary Hunt event only if you place top five in the Elite Queue as well. While this is supposed to lead to more competitive Apex Legends matches instead it just led players to get more inventive about how they tried to win.

Instead of competing with each other the normal way — by shooting and fighting for survival — players simply ran out of the circle and attempted to pool their medical supplies together long enough to reach the top five. This isn’t exactly what Respawn had in mind when it sought to create a more competitive version of Apex Legends so it is increasing the damage of all of the circles in Elite Queue.

Now the first circle will do 15 percent extra damage, the second circle will do 20 percent extra damage, and all of the game’s remaining circles will do 25 percent extra damage. Whether or not this will prevent players from gaming the system remains to be seen, but it should at least help. The good news for fans is that Respawn is finding these problems now Elite Queue rather than later on after it has introduced Apex Legends’ ranked mode in season 2.

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