You Can Now Buy a Resident Evil 2 All Rewards Unlock Key

You can now purchase DLC that unlocks all of Resident Evil 2’s in-game rewards, including The 4th Survivor mode and infinite ammo for a variety of weapons.

The All In-game Rewards Unlock DLC, available now on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and Steam, costs $4.99 / £3.99, and immediately unlocks all the rewards that you’d usually have to earn through gameplay. This includes:

  • The 4th Survivor
  • The Tofu Survivor
  • Unbreakable combat knife
  • Samurai Edge handgun with infinite ammo
  • LE-5 submachine gun with infinite ammo
  • ATM-4 rocket launcher with infinite ammo
  • minigun with infinite ammo
  • Bonus costumes
  • Models
  • Concept art

Unlocking all of these items in-game takes a fair bit of time and effort (not to mention nerves of steel). They are rewards for significant achievements, and as such denote your developed skills. However, weapons with unlimited ammo are exceptionally helpful, and can aid players struggling with the game to get past difficult sections and experience the story. Accessibility is a big topic of discussion at the moment, and this DLC certainly offers options.

It’s also, effectively, a $5 cheat code. Remember when you used to just tap a series of buttons in games and you’d get all this stuff without needing to pay?

If you’d rather not pay for these items, our Resident Evil 2 unlockables guide will show you how to get the game’s most desirable bonuses. We’ve also got plenty of tips on how to get through 4th Survivor mode, too.

Matt Purslow is IGN UK’s News and Entertainment Writer, and would happily go all-in on Mr. X with unlimited ammo for the ATM-4. You can follow him on Twitter. 

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