WWE 2K20 Delves Into The Post-Apocalypse With Wasteland Warriors DLC

WWE 2K20 has been overwhelmed with glitches and problems since its launch, and has generally looked pretty awful. Releasing a post-apocalyptic DLC pack in which society has crumbled feels on-the-nose in wake of the game’s issues, but the Wasteland Warriors DLC–which is available now–does just that.

This is part of the “WWE 2K20 Originals” series, which adds new scenarios and situations to the game. It features a new Showcase and four new Story Towers, as well as characters, two arenas, weapons, and commentary.

The new Showcase features Seth Rollins as Seth the Wanderer, who is invited to a wrestling tournament in a post-apocalyptic city. He soon finds himself needing to fight for his freedom, and has to battle Overlord (Samoa Joe) to prove his mastery of the harsh environment.

Here’s every fighter that comes with this DLC:

  • Seth the Wanderer
  • Overlord Samoa Joe
  • Corbin the Gatekeeper
  • Ali Fortune Fighter
  • Grand Champion Batista
  • Advocate Jack Gallagher
  • Warrior Ruby Riott
  • Raider Velveteen Dream

The pack is available for $15, or you can grab the Backstage Pass and get this and the two other upcoming packs for $30. The packs still to come are Southpaw Regional Wrestling and Empire of Tomorrow.

2K is working to patch WWE 2K20, although some work remains still to be done.

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