Valorant Has A New Twitch-Like "Content Hub"

Following the game’s official PC launch on June 2, developer Riot Games has partnered with Kanga to build Valorant’s first-ever content hub. The platform, Operator.gg, is now live for players to check out.

It mimics the look of Twitch, with content creators and livestreams sharing their videos. Additionally, the platform allows users to filter content by their favorite agent and map, and it will include the rank of content creators as soon as Riot implements Ranked play. Operator.gg will feature livestreams that will occur in real-time across various social platforms, including Facebook Live, Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube Gaming.

Though Valorant only recently launched to the wider gaming public, Riot Games is already hard at work fine-tuning the tactical FPS. The studio recently rolled out Update 1.0 that includes, among many other things, a brand-new agent. Additionally, Riot is cracking down on cheaters, banning over 8,000 players before the game left its closed beta state.

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