Total War: Three Kingdoms Patch Notes For Hotfix Update 1.4.1

The 1.4.1 hotfix patch for Total War: Three Kingdoms is now live. The latest update fixes numerous issues, makes some important adjustments, and rebalances unit costs in multiplayer.

Among the bug fixes, Cao Song has been giving a personality change so that he’s no longer identified as an Incompetent Leader (good for him). An issue where generals and heroes were not spawning at full strength has also been fixed, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will no longer spawn twice in Liu Bei’s campaign, and Guo Jia’s spawning age has been corrected. Crashes are now less likely to happen in existing save games for the new court feature, too, but it’s still recommended that players start a new campaign.

Particular attention has also been paid to Liu Hong’s campaign, including fixing a bug that reduced fervour rather than increasing it when the Tax Collector building was constructed, reducing the starting strength of the Imperial Army, and helping to rebalance the amount of money available in the campaign by unlocking trade agreements at half the previous rate, among others.

1.4.1 hotfix full patch notes:


  • Factions can now only Request Aid from their court once per turn
  • Changed Cao Song’s personality so he no longer identified as an Incompetent Leader
  • Fixed a bug where Guan Yu and Zhang Fei could spawn twice in Liu Bei’s campaign
  • Fixed issues around Guan Yu and Zhang Fei spawning when Liu Bei’s army is on rivers
  • The new court added into the game for when the player became an Emperor was causing some crashes in existing save games, these crashes are now less likely to happen, but we still recommend players start a new campaign
  • Preventing armies that spawn for a mission in Liu Bei’s campaign immediately running away, thus making it difficult to complete the mission. We have now made these armies more aggressive and less likely to run away
  • Xiahou Dun’s portrait, which inaccurately shows him with an eye missing, has been fixed to show the two eyes he definitely still had during this period
  • Corrected the Chosen of the Eight Immortals description which was showing some incorrect descriptions
  • Corrected Guo Jia’s spawning age, and made changes to prevent Sun Ren spawning as a middle-aged woman instead of a baby
  • Zhang Jue had maxed out his abilities, so we have given him some new skills that give him bonuses rather than new abilities
  • Fixed a very convenient bug that allowed players to use Deployables beyond the deployment zone
  • The annex settlement option no longer appears for Emperors who aren’t Liu Hong
  • Changed Lü Bu event so he gets the Red Hare ancillary after joining your faction
  • Have fixed an issue where generals and heroes were not spawning at full strength

Liu Hong’s Campaign

We’ve paid particular attention to Liu Hong’s campaign and made some important adjustments:

  • Fixed a bug that reduced fervour rather than increased it when the Tax Collector building was constructed
  • Moved He Yi to a safer spawning location, as he was dying on us a little too soon
  • Fixed issue where subjects of empires were incorrectly showing some income sources. This was just a display issue and not affecting their economy
  • Made changes that mean when playing as Liu Hong the player cannot leave the war to other members of the empire, as the AI has now been modified so that you are less likely to win the war if you do nothing
  • To reduce the starting strength of the Imperial Army, the army units now start at half strength
  • To help rebalance the amount of money available in this campaign, we have employed a fix that means trade agreements are unlocked at half the previous rate
  • Reduced starting number of assignments available to Liu Hong
  • Increased the release/banish cost from 25 to 80 influence and the first mission reward has been increased from 25 influence to 80 to partly compensate for this

Rebalancing Unit Costs In Multiplayer

We’ve made some changes to the cost of different units in multiplayer to keep things a little more balanced. All these changes are listed below:

  • Chen Peacekeepers: +75
  • Imperial Household Cavalry: +345
  • Jiazi Raiders: +70
  • Messengers of Heaven: +20
  • Mounted Sabre Defectors: -45
  • Destroyer of Traitors: -55
  • Imperial Lancer Cavalry: +260
  • Mounted Lancer Defectors: +30
  • Righteous Vanguards: +10
  • Tyrant Slayers: +20
  • Bringers of Peace: +150
  • Chosen of the Eight Immortals: +200
  • Exemplars of the Tao: +70
  • Huanglao’s Paragons: +75
  • Imperial Guard Captain: +765
  • Imperial Sword Guard: +765
  • Peasant Volunteers: +118
  • Redeemed Outlaws: +27
  • Sabre Defectors: +40
  • Archer Defectors: +45
  • Archer Gang: +50
  • Chen Royal Guard: +210
  • Imperial Palace Cavalry: +360
  • Imperial Palace Crossbowmen: +370
  • Poachers: -40
  • Qiang Archers: -20
  • Territorial Archer: +15
  • The Land’s Chosen: -90
  • Yaoguai Hunters: +95
  • Ascetics of The Way: +95
  • Defenders of the Empire: +75
  • Fervent Defenders: +35
  • Gallants of the People: +105
  • Imperial Gate Guards: +280
  • Ji Defectors: +75
  • Qiang Polearms: +100
  • Spearmen Gang: +80
  • Stalwart Shields : -110
  • Territorial Spearmen: +115
  • Zealots of the Way: +60

Future Fixes

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the various threads and reports from the community about issues and quirks with the 1.4.0 patch, and some of the issues are taking a little longer to resolve than anticipated. A few standout issues that we’ll be getting to grips with in the future include:

  • Emperors being able to invite other emperors into their empire
  • Broken Achievements for completing Liu Chong’s Trophy collection and Lu Zhi’s great Library
  • Issues with AI siege behaviour on multiplayer campaign

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