Torchlight Frontiers Is Now Torchlight 3, Coming To Steam In 2020

In an announcement from developer Echtra Games and publisher Perfect World, the online-focused Torchlight Frontiers–which brings the familiar action-RPG gameplay to a shared world–has been rebranded and is now Torchlight III. Torchlight III will release on Steam later this year, with console ports coming sometime after.

Frontiers is currently in closed alpha, and players will be able to continue playing as the game transitions into the next main entry of the Torchlight series. In 2017, the original developer of the Torchlight series, Runic Games, folded following the release of the adventure game Hob. The first two Torchlight games were available on PC and consoles, which offered a largely accessible take on Diablo-style action-RPG combat. Since then, developer Echtra Games took the reigns to bring the game into a more online-focused space. It shows similar shades to Destiny, keeping you present in an online world with other players.

For more on Torchlight III, and what else is coming to the game in the months ahead toward its release, be sure to check back with GameSpot for more information as it comes in.

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