Tony Hawk Pro Skater: Pre-Ordering Lets You Play One Of Series' Most Iconic Levels Early

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remasters a couple of skateboarding classics, and it’s due relatively soon. If you just can’t wait until its release date in September, though, you can start to shred with an early demo from one of the series’ most iconic stages.

Pre-ordering THPS1+2 will net you a demo of the Warehouse, the very first stage from the very first Tony Hawk game that serves as many players’ earliest memory of the classic series. There’s no word yet on when the demo will be available, but Activision promises it will come ahead of release.

The game is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4. It will include remastered versions of the first two Tony Hawk games, along with the skater and park creation modes, and some of the original licensed music. (Yes, including Goldfinger’s “Superman.”) Developer Vicarious Visions is also including a few new additions, including additional tricks, goals, and secrets. The entire package will be included in the game, but the studio is open to adding more content if there’s demand for it.

The standard edition costs $40, but a $50 deluxe edition also nets you some retro skins, retro Create-a-Skater content, and “The Ripper” skater. For more details, check out our pre-order guide.

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