The Best Flight Sim Stick For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, some people may want to invest in a new flight stick or yoke controller more than ever. Unfortunately, the increased demand means many of the most popular flight stick controllers are completely sold out, including the Logitech X52 and Thrustmaster Warthog stick-and-throttle combo. On top of that, the only ones available online won’t be in stock until at least late September and October. Thankfully, if you do back-order any flight sim stick, then it’ll be reserved for you and you’ll definitely receive it once it’s restocked.

It can be hard to find a quality flight stick and even harder to find one that you can put your money down on. That’s why we’ve collected the best flight sticks that are available to buy right now. We’ve also curated a selection of gaming headsets that feature excellent audio quality for better immersion as well as comfortable headbands and ear pads.

Note: The prices shown below indicate a product’s standard list price and may not reflect any current discounts or other fluctuations.

Yoke controller

If you’re looking for a flight sim controller that really makes you feel like you’re flying a Concorde jet or a Boeing 747 Airliner, then a yoke is the way to go. They let you pull in and out to pitch your plane and more accurately emulate the feel of flying an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Logitech Flight Yoke System

$170 (back-order)

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